"Light the Night"

Yesterday our family took part in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Light the Night” Walk at Furman University.  While I don’t know much about lymphoma, I know leukemia is a much dreaded blood disease that can affect anyone at any age, but for some reason seems to like children.
We were introduced to this walk by my friend Ashland, whose son, Sam has leukemia.  While he is in remission, he is still undergoing chemo for another year.  That is a lot on a 7th grader and his family.  Sam and my Bradley have become wonderful friends since we moved here eight months ago and Bradley has become quite interested in supporting Sam.
Ashland asked us about participating in this wonderful cause to help with research and treatment of this disease and my children immediately jumped at the opportunity.  We decide it should be a family event as leukemia has also affected our own family in the last two years; Audley’s grandfather passed away from a form of the disease a year ago this weekend.
It was a perfectly lovely night that was filled with people celebrating, honoring and cherishing the memories of their loved ones who have fought this horrible disease.   I was so glad that we could be a part of it all and more than thrilled that my children wanted to be a part of it.
1. My children; the girls walked in memory of their Pop (yellow balloons), Bradley walked for his friend, Sam, a survivor (Red Balloon).  2. Our friends Ernie & Peggy; Ernie was diagnosed with leukemia over the summer so he walks as a survivor. 3. Balloons to “Light the Night” 4. The walk around Furman University.
My little family ready to walk for a great cause.
1. Audley decided to give blood to help out 2. So, I gave, too. 3. Audley & I before the walk 4. Bradley (center) with Sam & his brother, Jake.
Sam (far right) with his family at Light the Night
It was truly an amazing and memorable night for all!
If you want to check out “Light the Night”, its purpose or make a donation, you can go here.
I’m off to Raleigh for the weekend to attend the Southern Blogger’s Conference.  This is my first conference, so I’m a little nervous, but I know it’s going to be a lot of fun!

4 thoughts on “"Light the Night"

  1. What a wonderful cause! This is a cause dear to my heart as well because I have an adult nephew who was diagnosed at four years of age. I'll be saying a prayer for Sam each time he comes to mind. A year of chemo is a lot for a seventh grader and his family and his friends.

    Oh my, Jen! That #3 photo of you and Audley is so cute! Love it!!


  2. You have a beautiful family, Jen! Such a wonderful cause, too! Several family members and friends have been touched by these horrible forms of cancer!


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