Just Eight Weeks

I’m sitting here having an emotional mother-of-the-bride moment this morning.
In just 8 weeks, this three year old little girl that I fell so in love with seventeen years ago when I met, then married, her father will become a wife.
I always said there would be no “steps” in my house, and I meant it.  I love Samantha as if she were my very own flesh and blood.  And, I am so proud of the woman she has become, knowing with full confidence she will be a wonderful wife and companion to Justin.
Here come the tears again…..

4 thoughts on “Just Eight Weeks

  1. Beautiful pictures of both you and her Jen! Where is the wedding to be? I enjoyed reading about your conference experience. Maybe next year I can attend. It just wasn't in the cards this time. Great photos you took! And I loved reading the tips on what you took away from the conference and what you learned. I see so many bloggers “copying” other bloggers techniques and style. I am not talking about projects but the actual content. And even the same blog headers over and over. Yours is unique in both ways….don't change. xo


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