Monday, Monday

Happy Monday Y’all!
After a Crazy, Busy weekend, I am taking today to chill just a little (literally … it’s cold here in South Carolina!), catch up on some laundry, hit the gym with my hubby (who is actually working in his office this week!!), pick up the paint (at last!) for my dining room, start a packing list for our annual extended family camp-out (we are going freeze our tushies off!), & start planning for my next adventure in catering.
Yes, the wedding I did over the weekend was actually a success and something I felt really good about.  In the process I gave out three business cards, and now I am booked to cater a luncheon (thankfully no tiered cake) for 250 in December!
I am going to share some of the details from this weekend, in another post this week, but here is a glimpse of the cake that I made for the bride …..
……. I’m not going to show it all yet!
This was actually the second cake that I made as weather conditions affected the first one and two tiers collapsed!
{I didn’t even panic, which really worried Audley!}
Here is a peak at my seasonal buffet table for the wedding ….
….please take note that I snapped this shot after the line had passed, so it’s a little messy!
Tablescapes are not my strong suite, but I was really happy with the appearance of this one.
My pumpkins that I began to decorate with in September are about spent.  I have a few to trash and a few just right for cooking.  So for the next several weeks I am going to share a pumpkin post a week for you.
Wow!  So much to talk about!  See you tomorrow!!

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