{Pumpkin Pie} Cooking with Pumpkins pt. 3

With all of the progress I have made in my journey to a healthier me, I have really been working on some ways to make this Thanksgiving enjoyable without messing up the momentum I have going.  I’ve lost 65 pounds at this point and personally I never intend to go back to the dark pit I’ve emerged from.
I have really been thinking of different ways to keep things healthy for all of us at Thanksgiving, skipping the table full of sweets, and planning to have delicious options available.
Doesn’t that look fabulous?!
But, it is Thanksgiving after all, and pumpkin pie will be on the menu.  If it’s not, I have a 13 year old who will have my neck!  For years I have made a decadent pumpkin pie that is always a family favorite, but also very high in calories and fat.  After playing with my recipe quite a bit, I finally fixed a pie that my skeptical husband didn’t want to share with anyone else!
So here is my altered pumpkin pie.
2 Cups pureed pumpkin {click here for instructions for fresh pumpkin}
1 can Fat Free Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
6 egg whites
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. ginger
Combine all ingredients well using a hand mixer.  Prepare your pie crust in an 8-inch pie pan.
{I cheated and used a Pilsbury pie crust for my pie}
When preparing the pie crust I always poke a few holes in the bottom so it can “breathe”.
Pour the pumpkin mixture into the pie crust.
I like to take the extra dough to make a decorative crust for my pies.  You can braid an edge, or use miniature cookie cutter and cut out leaves to surround the pan.  It just gives your pie a little personality.
 Bake at 350 until center is set; about 30 minutes.  You can check for doneness using a toothpick inserted into the center.  If it comes out clean, your pie is ready.
**Add a dollop of freshly whipped cream which adds to the flavor, or make just the pumpkin filling and bake it without a crust for an even lower calorie casserole type dish.
What is on your menu this Thanksgiving?

8 thoughts on “{Pumpkin Pie} Cooking with Pumpkins pt. 3

  1. Jen, I'm so happy that you've lost that weight. As one who has yo-yoed through many years, I hope that you find a way to stay out of the pit for good. Then write about it! This recipe sounds delicious, but I'm not sure what the calorie savings might be. Do you know? The fruit looks amazing!


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