My World Market Find

Every once in a while I run across something that I just have to have!  It’s hard to believe, especially with all of the baking that I do, that I have never owned a cake carrier.
It’s true.
I always serve them from my house or carefully carry the display that I am serving them from with the cake already on it.
With the holidays right here and all of the events that are associated with the holidays I found myself needing a cake carrier last weekend.  While browsing World Market looking for something totally unrelated, I stumbled upon this cute one and was immediately sold!
Vintage and cute with an old world feel….. just the perfect fit for my personality!  It is metal and holds a 10-inch cake on the bottom as well as space for a pie or miniature cupcakes up top.
Versatility gets me every time!
These cute cake carriers come in the cream (which I LOVED!), or red which makes it perfect for holiday desserts.


These would also make a great gift for someone.  I found mine for $24.95 in the store.  You can also order them online at
We are gearing up for a weekend with both sides of our family, which means plenty to keep us busy!  It seems my Pumpkin Cheesecake is high priority this weekend.
And now I have something cute to carry it in.

3 thoughts on “My World Market Find

  1. very very cute Jen! I have been lucky to find the vintage ones through my years of hunting. They usually sold very quickly. I baked your pumpkin pie this morning. It turned out beautiful. Can't wait to taste it tomorrow. I put it on my blog post today. 🙂 I hope you and yours have the best day tomorrow. xo


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