{This Week}

It’s been one of those weeks.  You know the ones I am talking about; every detail planned out perfectly yet nothing goes the way it should.
It makes for one crazy momma.
It began Monday morning with Mr. Jones leaving on an 8:00 AM flight and hopefully will end when I serve this luncheon that I am catering for 250 people on Sunday afternoon.
Here is a glimpse of this week…..
**I have decked the halls, the walls, the tree, the doors and banister.




You really didn’t expect me to show all of the decor did you?
**Baked 250 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.
**Peeled and chopped 12 pounds of carrots, diced 6 pounds of celery only to have that man-of-mine, fresh off his flight home walk through the door and ask “Don’t you have a blade with that fancy food processor you own that will do all of that to save time?”
That reminder would have been appreciated four hours earlier.
**Cooked up 50 pounds of ground sirloin for chili.
**Made six gallons of chicken broth,  & removed the meat off of ten whole chickens for chicken noodle soup.
**Watched my son wrestle and dominate the mat…. Tuesday night, and all day tomorrow.
no, he’s not breaking that kid’s neck, it just looks that way.


And Bradley pinned him …. doesn’t his victim look whipped?
A momma doesn’t miss her boy’s activities no matter how much time it takes from her schedule.
**Sat in the ER half the night Wednesday with MacKenzie, who slipped on wet grass walking down a hill and fell in our backyard hitting her back and head really hard.
She is home from school until Monday with whiplash & a concussion.
She is very much my daughter.
**Bought 230 pounds of potatoes (which are sitting in my den making the room smell like a cellar) that I will be scrubbing and wrapping today so that they are ready to bake on Sunday morning.
**Carried Madeline to her cast party celebrating the most entertaining (yes, that’s the word….) version of “He’s A Good Man, Charlier Brown” that I have ever seen.
Madeline on the left trying not to bust out laughing….that lasted about 2.5 minutes.


Charlie Brown….
**Worked on the feather wreaths to line the church pews down the inside aisle where our oldest daughter, Samantha will be walking in just 15 days.
I have 14 small ones and 4 large ones to pull together…. feather boas are expensive!
**And of course I have finished all of my prep work so that tomorrow all I have to do is assemble the soups for Sunday, and set up my baked potato bar.
It’s been a long week, but I’ve managed to keep the house clean picked-up, the laundry caught up, and even wrapped a couple of presents.
Hopefully Sunday evening I can kick my shoes off and chill ……  that is until I decide I really want to tackle this project I have in mind of turning a barn door into our coffee table.  I can’t find what I want, so I’ll just make it.
Of course that is just before Audley flies to Louisville on Monday, we wrestle on Tuesday, have a parent meeting for competition color guard on Wednesday, and I leave for ten days next Friday for Tennessee to do all the final wedding prep, including make Samantha’s wedding cake.
Can you believe there are actually people out there who say I don’t work because I am a stay-at-home-mom?!
I can’t wait to see Audley tackle my schedule with the kids the week I am gone!  I bet he has to take some vacation days from work!!
Have a fabulous weekend!

7 thoughts on “{This Week}

  1. OMGoodness, Jennifer! Where do you get the energy?? Please bottle it up and sell it!! Do you sleep at all lol I don't know how you do it, but it is obvious that you love every minute of it and wouldn't have it any other way. I am so looking forward to photos of the catered event and of course the wedding. Such a beautiful bride. xo


  2. Oh my…I do not know how you got through that week! Hope that your daughter is doing well… Any gal who does all this and is still vertical gets no flak from me for any reason whatsoever. Is this a catering business or a friend being a friend? As far as I know, either way, it is a massive amount of work.


  3. Jennifer, you make me feel like a slug!!! Oh, my you must be so organized and have so much energy!!! YOu certainly have a whole lot going on this Christmas season!!! I love the feather fluff for the church. Oh you will have such a beautiful wedding!!!!


  4. Oh my goodness, Jen. I'm worn out just reading all that you've crammed into your week! Send some of your energy my way, ok? Love the feather wreaths that you're making. They'll be so beautiful for the wedding.


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