Dinner for 250

Over the weekend I actually catered a meal for 250 people.   I kind of feel like “Elle Woods” in  Legally Blonde at the end when she squeals “We did it!”
I have alluded to this huge catering project several times over the last several weeks in various posts. This was a really big deal to me, but a challenge I took on.  Two days after it has ended, I can sit back, smile and sigh with relief that it all went well and I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else in the process of getting it together.
  This little project was for the church where we worship;  an event that was referred to as “Celebration Sunday”, where we were celebrating and praising the commitment of our congregation financially to take on a new building project due to start in January.
  I was given preplanned menu suggestions (ones that didn’t involve a meat, two veggies, and dessert) with the budget to work from and set out from that point to make it all happen.
On the Menu?
Baked potato bar w/ white & sweet potatoes
toppings included sour cream, butter, chives, bacon bits, cheese, jalapeños, cinnamon sugar and brown sugar
Chicken Noodle Soup
A lot of cupcakes
Tea, Lemonade, water, and Coffee
Thankfully I didn’t have to fix up decorative buffet tables (we served everything from chaffing pans on simple white tablecloths), and I was so busy on Sunday that I couldn’t hardly think about taking pictures, but here is just a glimpse of how it came together via my Instagram pictures.


After doing all of my prep work (chopping, dicing, organizing, etc…) at home, I actually cooked my soups at the church building where I had more room to work.
And two stoves to speed the process.


Homemade chicken noodle soup & chili simmering away
Baked Potatoes wrapped and ready to cook
Fresh salad just “makes” a meal


I had cupcakes ALL over my kitchen!  I made chocolate and vanilla flavored cake, then iced the with traditional buttercream, chocolate and strawberry icings.


cinnamon-sugar shaker and brown sugar for sweet potatoes 
I seriously could not have pulled this off with out my husband.  From helping keep the kids and house in order over the weekend to helping me run errands and chopping almost all of the onion, Audley totally kept me sane.

He even stressed for me which kept me cool and collected.

Oh yeah, he wrapped ALL of the potatoes for me as well while my daughters washed them!

I also had two wonderful friends who helped with all of the serving and clean up.  They were total lifesavers on Sunday.
Chocolate cupcakes w/ buttercream & strawberry icing


I did display all the cupcakes …. I didn’t want to serve them out of the mismatched assortment of carriers I used to transport them.


Vanilla cupcakes w/ strawberry icing and chocolate cupcakes w/ chocolate buttercream
And more chocolate cupcakes
There wasn’t a single cupcake left.
I had plenty of food prepared for everyone and actually overcooked enough that we sent leftovers to a local soup kitchen.
My hobby has been keeping me occupied the last couple of months.  I enjoy doing this a lot, but I did learn that I prefer the smaller numbers because it does take more than one to make it all happen.  Since I am also doing our daughter’s wedding reception in 12 days, I guess I need to embrace the larger number for now!
We are getting holiday ready here, and I hope you are too!  I have so many things to share in the next couple of weeks so stop on in!

6 thoughts on “Dinner for 250

  1. It looks amazing. Your church family must think that you are Wonder Woman. I know I do. And, ding*ding*ding,* it's just dawning on me that your daughter is being married smack dab in the middle of the Christmas season. Now setting all those romantic Christmas wedding dreams aside, that is just cRaZy! God love you!


  2. Oh my goodness, Jen. Kudos to you! I don't see how in the world you pulled that off! I can imagine how thankful you are for your family and friends.


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