Sometimes my husband thinks I do some really crazy things.  
Sometimes my kids think I have lost my mind.
I admit that sometimes I do a few things a bit differently, like insist on taking on huge projects and refusing to enlist some help, or make lists to get through my day,  moving an old barn door 400 miles away on a moving truck, or digging up 35 rose bushes and transplanting them from Alabama to South Carolina…..
And, I admit that sometimes maybe I am losing my mind, like driving right past the school when dropping kids off in the morning or forgetting to pick one up in the afternoon or starting to clean the kitchen, only to find myself immersed in three other projects, none of which involve cleaning….
But sometimes I get a really crazy idea that turns out just as I imagined it.
Like that barn door I moved from Alabama ten months ago.
A little polyurethane, a little bit of wood, four corner pieces, two pretty days in December, & a husband who says “yes dear” ….
And suddenly there is something taking shape from that door.
Only the legs & trim were stained.  I used Minwax dark walnut.
It begins to become the crazy idea that I had.
I left the barn door natural (after we pressure washed it & allowed it to dry) and the polyurethane made it darker.
Even my husband gets into the spirit of it all, handling the carpentry.
And then something new appears from something old.



A unique coffee table for my living room, a reminder of our days on our farm in Alabama and a keepsake from Audley’s grandparent’s barn.
It’s a table that even with my contemporary taste, I love.


Sometimes a crazy idea makes me look brilliant!
Linking up with Metamorphosis Monday.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. And it really does! I'm very impressed that you were able to create such a meaningful item of furniture that looks fantastic. Kudos to the team!!


  2. wow Jen….that's fabulous!!!! I love it! And I think you just described myself. I am so easily distracted and drift from one project to the next. My husband says it's just my mind just so full of things I want to do. Just not enough time in the day. xo Happy New Year.


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