In the Swing…

After a week away from the blog I feel a little lost & out of touch!  Thank you for all of the get-well thoughts and wishes!  I’m not 100%, but I’m going stir crazy trying to rest!

I did have a good caretaker, though.  Audley was such a sweetheart and kept me spoiled with great reading material, hot tea, and helping with meals.


And, I had a super sweet companion who stayed right with me all week long.


Getting back into the swing of things has been quite the challenge!  There is a lot to do and no matter how helpful the hubby and kiddos have been, they don’t think of all the little things mommas dwell on.

I did spend some of my down time last week being useful, catching up on a few notes and phone calls that had been pushed to the back burner.

One of the most important was a letter that I needed to write and send to Thomasville furniture company.

After we moved here last winter, as you can imagine, putting our home together was so important to us.  With a new house came endless possibilities of ways to decorate and accessorize.  After all I had a completely blank slate to work with.  It was quite exciting!  One thing I truly wanted to update was our living room furniture.

You can understand as it had survived six moves, my children’s toddler and elementary years, and numerous sleepovers.  It was beginning to show a very shabby side which is not my style!

We had saved and planned and searched for exactly what I wanted.  And, after multiple shopping expeditions, I found it!

A gorgeous gray and fairly contemporary sofa from Thomasville furniture.

I was super excited about this as buying American made is really important to me when I can find what I need!   Buying from Thomasville also excited me because I have always admired their furniture collections and heard great things about the quality of their furniture.

My excitement quickly turned to disappointment when just months after purchasing our pretty sofa, the bottom fell out.


Back in the fall MacKenzie plopped down on the sofa as only a teenager can do and I heard a loud pop.

The springs had fallen through the bottom and my gorgeous sofa was no longer usable.

Underneath I found these broken clips that I could only assume had held the springs in place.

I called Thomasville’s customer service who quickly handled my call in a most appreciated and efficient manner.

Within four days, I had two men arrive at my door with a loaner sofa for us to use as they took mine back to the factory in North Carolina.

Apparently the clips were an issue with many others as well, and Thomasville was eager to set things right!

After a few weeks, our own sofa was returned, good as new, with no signs of any issue.

Writing the letter to Thomasville was such a pleasure.  Good customer service is often hard to find these days, and I love being able to say thank you to a company who has gone above and beyond for their customers!

4 thoughts on “In the Swing…

  1. Gotta love a company that provides a loaner sofa! Hope that the teen has learned how to not plop on the sofa. Ha! Yes, I remember those days well.

    So glad that you are feeling much better!


  2. Thomasville makes good furniture. I had my bedroom set forever until I finally donated it because when I moved I wouldn't have room for it. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and your pal is darling!


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