An Unexpected Snow Day

I love a good winter snow.
In fact I become giddy like a little child when even the slightest of flurries fall from the sky.  I am  always so disappointed when the weatherman predicts snow and then we don’t get any.
So, this past Saturday, when the skies opened and snowflakes began to fall in South Carolina I did a little happy dance, grabbed the camera and told my kiddos to get outside!
We took a few shots in the early flakes as I guessed they would quickly be gone after lunch.
But, I was wrong!
{Sometimes I like to be wrong.}
In just an hour we had a beautiful, winter wonderland!





Oh! How I love this winter beauty!
And I love to enjoy it even more, so we did!
With lots of laughter, and snowballs, and wrestling and just plain ole silliness, we had a fabulously wonderful Southern snow day!








In fact, I guess the only one who didn’t enjoy the snow would be Windsor.


{He’s just a spoiled rotten beagle.}
The end of the day was most beautiful to savor.


A perfect ending to a perfect day.
I hope you had just as wonderful a weekend!

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Snow Day

  1. Such a thick, heavy snow, too. It looks like cotton. I don't think anyone is dressed appropriately for this weather! Hope that you got a lot of hot chocolate. The beagle does have a point.


  2. I happened to be in Charlotte when the snow started falling on Saturday afternoon. The large fluffy flakes were just beautiful to watch as they fell to the ground. I was amazed at how fast in was falling and how quickly it accumulated! Wasn't expecting that to happen! Looks like your kiddos were having a great time enjoying the treat.


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