Spring Forward!

At last!  More than one day of gorgeous skies, fabulous temperatures and all around perfect weather for working in the yard and feeding my spring fever!
We have been working all morning cleaning up weeds, transplanting a couple of roses and adding fresh mulch and color to everything.
Audley digging to transplant roses.


Blue Girl and English roses surround our patio …. the fragrance is heavenly!


Even the beagle wanted to help!
These are just a few shots I snapped with the phone while our working this morning.  I can’t wait to finally have it together and everything blooming!
Not only do I have spring fever, I finally seem to be inspired and have worked through this writer’s block or whatever it was I have been experiencing.
I can’t wait to finally catch up with everyone and share some of the awesome things we have going on around here!
Happy Saturday Y’all!

4 thoughts on “Spring Forward!

  1. It feels good to be outside doesn't it! Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I was out pruning trees and roses. Your rose garden is going to looks so pretty in a month or so when everything starts blooming!

  2. It was a lovely day here, but far too early for doing all the fun chores you are. I'll enjoy watching you! That writers block was probably mimicking the plateau! Hmmm…

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