Easy Spring Wreath

I had fully intended to not decorate for Easter this year.

It’s not that I am not feeling springy or anything like that, it’s just with three teenagers staying quite occupied with school, and youth group,
and wrestling,

The “I’m trying to be intimidating look”

 and Winter Guard, 

MacKenzie is in all black….

and track, 

Look at my baby jump!

AND a husband who is traveling with boiler outage season, AND me spending so much time in the gym and playing chauffeur, decorating just didn’t seem practical.

{And for you English majors, please ignore the structure of my previous sentence.}

But then, my girls asked when I was going to pull out our cute little decorations and decorate for Easter.


Epic Fail.

So here it is, two weeks before Easter and I have been trying to do a little seasonal sprucing, just for the teenagers.

It’s not much, but on short notice, sometimes just a touch is all you need, especially when chocolate is incorporated into the decorating.


Over the weekend I put together this fun little wreath for our front door.


You can make one too, using things left from Easter past!
 eggs (blown & glittered or plastic)
Easter grass
a decorative bunny, chick, or duck
grapevine wreath
& of course the hot glue gun
The little sock bunny is from Cracker Barrel several years ago … I bought five of them for a $1 each after Easter!


This is a super quick and easy project if you go the plastic egg route.
I like to make a mess play in glitter, so I went the blown egg/glitter route.



 I adore the look of the final glittered egg, so I was OK with my mess.

After you have all of you necessary items gathered to work with, just start gluing.

Seriously, there is no wrong way to assemble this wreath.   I wanted mine to have sort of a basket affect, so all of my grass is at the bottom with the eggs and bunny added to fill in and my ribbon at the top.

Super easy, really cute, and if you don’t glitter your eggs, a fifteen minute project.

And we ALL like an easy project!

I hope you are getting a taste of this gorgeous spring weather we are having in South Carolina!

It wont be long until winter will pass for good!

6 thoughts on “Easy Spring Wreath

  1. Oh since they asked, I'd have them decorate. Do you dare? Ha! Cute wreath…can't believe a dollar for that cute little rabbit. I think he's adorable.


  2. Sweet wreath, Jen, I am almost finished with a few spring/Easter touches. You have such a hectic schedule, but I know you love and enjoy every second of it! 😉 We have colder weather the next few days, really cold and those March winds, and some storms with rain and perhaps the dreaded “S” word into the weekend and next week. xo


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