Sunday Grace

My youngest child, my precious son, turned 13 yesterday.  I cant begin to put into words how this makes me feel.  He was an unexpected surprise that has come to mean the world to me.  He loves this family, even his sisters and has a fun (although annoying at times) personality.
And he loves the Lord.
I love to listen to him pray.
He speaks as if he is having a personal conversation with God and they are very best friends.
It is very humbling.
So today I am focused on the gift of children my Lord has blessed me with.
And how glorious is that blessing!
The many faces of my Bradley
My son in all his teenage glory.


Bowling at his birthday party yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Grace

  1. Wow! What a cake! What an expression! What a guy! I'm thinking his friendship with the Lord is mighty fine…gonna help him all his life long. It blessed me to read about this son of yours.


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