Greenville’s Saturday Market

While I think we have had exactly ten days of spring since March 20 (we’ve had a lot of rain & chilly temps), it has been just enough that one of our local growers markets has opened for market season!  Now if there is one thing I love better than growing my own food, is farm fresh and delicious produce bought straight from the ones who grow it.
In fact, I am a firm believer of skipping the produce section at the grocery store as much as possible during the late-spring, summer and fall months and hitting the local market on Saturday for food for our family.
Oh Absolutely, ten times better!
So much better than imported!
No way!
And the best part of all is we are supporting our local community of growers!
Yes, it is more expensive than the grocery store, but the quality & flavor of what we buy is so worth it!

Here is a peak of the opening Saturday of market season around here…..

Despite the threat of rain and chilly (OK, it was cold!) temperatures, the market area was packed!


The Saturday market is right downtown on Main Street.  Two blocks are closed off between Washington & Court Streets where vendors set up from 8:30-12:30 each Saturday beginning in May.


As we shopped we enjoyed the live entertainment by this local bluegrass group.
 How fun is that?!

Since it is still early in the growing season, fresh lettuces, strawberries, radishes, & asparagus were the common produce found.  There were a few very early tomatoes scattered about, as well as vendors sharing samples of produce they hope to have in coming weeks.





I loved the way this vendor chopped up several varieties of lettuce that could be purchased as a mix.  So pretty!



I love the idea of growing lettuce in a hanging basket!  Anyone can do this no matter how small a place you have.

Besides spring veggies (I missed out on the asparagus …. really disappointing), we found local grass-fed beef, South Carolina caught seafood, fresh organic chicken, and eggs.

The Spinning Spider Creamery had an abundance of fresh cheese and cheese spreads to choose from.

It was really hard to make a decision with all of the delicious flavors!


But, I finally settled on a Muntford Jack.  It was so good!

One of my favorite vendors of the day was the pasta tent.  There was a huge line so I knew this had to be some really good stuff.

So many wonderful flavors and styles of pasta, all of it made fresh with organic ingredients and gluten-free so everyone could enjoy it.  I can’t wait to cook with this in the coming week!


We splurged a little when we came upon one particular vendor.

We took one look at these gorgeous Strawberry pies and were sold.  It was definitely a treat, and oh my goodness how delicious it was!

MacKenzie Grace licked the pie pan clean!

Seriously, she did.

Other great vendors included local farmers selling starter plants, fresh cut spring flowers, fresh honey, homemade soaps, and artwork.  There was so much to take in!

One of the things I loved most about this little market is that each vendor must be approved.  Visits are made to their farms and facilities and they are verified to be South Carolina official.

I love it.

Do you have local markets where you are?

7 thoughts on “Greenville’s Saturday Market

  1. Jen, what a great farmers' market. Main Street looks very charming. All the produce, cheeses, jams, and my oh my, those pies!! Wow. I am a huge fan of farmers' markets, local farm stands, homegrown local produce, etc. The best way to enjoy God's bounty. xo


  2. I love the farmer's markets. Ours just opened too and this past weekend I purchased some fresh locally grown asparagus. The taste was so superior to the super market stuff. I also got some homemade pickled beets, strawberry jam, strawberries, and FROG jam. yum!


  3. I'm really enjoying your blog and learning about local markets so that I can help as a member of the task force to get this going in our area! Thanks for sharing….love the guacamole recipe too….I am sooooo trying that!


  4. As you may know I am a big believer/supporter in farm to table.

    Jen, awhile back I emailed/left a comment that you had won the St. Pat's giveaway. If you are interested please send me an email with your mailing address.


  5. We have one left, but it's nothing like this. Oh how nice that must be, but I wouldn't enjoy having to go from booth to booth every Saturday. It's going to get hot! That strawberry pie looked amazing!


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