A Beautiful Mother’s Day

I truly hope all of my lovely friends had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Around here things were a little different as it was the first time ever that I have not spent the day with my own beautiful Momma (who I miss so much!), but my own little family made it perfect and special for me.

After a wonderful worship service we found ourselves in downtown Spartanburg to check out a local restaurant, Monsoon Noodle House.  It had great ratings on UrbanSpoon (if you have a smartphone this is a must-have app if you travel a lot), so we were excited to try it!

While waiting on Monsoon Noodle House to open, I took the opportunity to shoot a few pictures of my little family, since we could not have asked for a more beautiful spring day!  We had a lot of fun hanging out in the beautiful Daniel Morgan Square.

It’s funny, I visited the Greenville/Spartanburg area back when I was in college and thought what a sad ending to a couple of historical old cities.  I’m a serious believer in preserving history, especially these gorgeous old Southern cities.  In the last 20 years these two cities have totally turned around and are revitalizing and rebuilding their downtowns.  Parks, restaurants, B&B’s local shops, cultural centers and growing universities have restored these beautiful and historic cities.  And the plans continue.
I absolutely love living here!


Daniel Morgan was a Revolutionary War hero from Virginia who made quite a name for himself at the nearby Cowpens National Battlefield.  This statue was placed in Spartanburg’s city square in 1881 in his honor.

I just love how South Carolina is proud of it’s history.

My kids were in rare form for pictures (meaning they cooperated … perk of Mother’s day, I guess) so we had a lot of fun posing on the square.

I can’t believe they are all teenagers now.


Daniel Morgan Square is so pretty.  From the hanging baskets down the street lights to the statues blending into the scenery, this particular Sunday in Spartanburg was almost like a scene from a movie!


And my teenagers were more than happy to let their personalities shine.



Even my son….. He insisted that he pose like his sisters.


Check out the Basset Hound socks he is wearing…..


I was quite spoiled for Mother’s Day …. from a most shocking and fabulous gift to lunch out and my girls cleaning the kitchen for supper.

One massage a month for an entire year!!  I told you I was spoiled!

Without a doubt, it was a beautiful Mother’s Day.

I’ll share details of the Monsoon Noodle House on Friday.  It was quite good and they did cook for my healthy palette so they get a good rating from me just for that!

Enjoy this beautiful spring day!

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