Sunday Grace

Sometimes I just want to scream and quit because things seem too hard.  It’s hard being a full-time mom to teenagers, it’s hard going back to school, it’s hard teaching 4&5 years olds in Bible class, it’s hard to prepare for my ladies Bible class, it’s hard to make time for my husband, it’s hard getting fit …..
But I know in the end there will be rewards.
My children have been loved and raised by me.  I will have a job that really changes lives.  Those 4&5 year olds reward me weekly with their love and smiles.  I am growing spiritually as I prepared my ladies class lesson each week.  I have a husband who loves me and supports me no matter what challenge I tackle.  And, I can live a more healthy and hopefully longer life.
Yes, there are rewards, I must continue along this road I have chosen and remain faithful as I go.


Be strong and don’t give up.
I’ve got this.
I’m not alone.

One thought on “Sunday Grace

  1. Any two of these is daunting…six? Wow! Did The Lord ask you to do all of that? I'm glad that He doesn't trust me with so much. : D


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