Let’s Go Racin"!

I have a confession to make.
As much as I adore pretty, frilly, totally girly things, I love to dress up in a pair of worn blue jeans, a tee-shirt and even a baseball cap, and watch NASCAR racing.
{It still shocks my mother, even after 20 years of watching the sport.}
What can I say?  I like cars.
Fast cars.
As you can imagine, when Audley presented me with my birthday present way back in April, I had a difficult time keeping my mouth shut to what a grand and exciting gift it was!
You see, prior to the green flag, for a fee, you can visit the garage area where the cars and drivers stay pre-race and catch all of the behind the scenes action.  If you are lucky, you might actually meet a driver or two.
BUT, if you are REALLY lucky, you actually know a NASCAR official who is more than happy to help you get up close and personal with the world of NASCAR!
Our friend, Yvonne!
THAT is what Audley arranged for my 41st birthday a couple of weekends ago; a weekend at the races!
Not only did Audley and I get to watch the race from the Pits (up close & personal with the entire event), but our kiddos were able to meet several drivers for pictures and autographs, tour one of the car haulers, and watch qualifying runs before attending a Camping Series truck race on Friday night!
It was a super exciting weekend for all of us!
Arriving at Charlotte Motor Speedway


Driver, Kevin Harvick getting ready to qualify for his starting position


Bradley meeting Kasey Kahne


Getting ready to tour Carl Edwards car hauler & trailer


Madeline with driver Carl Edwards … he was super great with my kiddos


Madeline & Bradley meeting Dale Earnhardt Jr….. this was such a big deal to them!


Excited to be at their first race!


We were this close to the press and all the action!


We were so close to the action during the truck series race on Friday night that I felt like I should jump over the wall & help change tires …..
I didn’t want to break a nail though.
Saturday was NASCAR’s All-Star Race.
While the kids swam at the hotel and caught a movie at a local theater, Audley & I enjoyed some time with a couple of friends early in the day, then ventured into the garage area again for all of the pre-race excitement of watching the cars being prepped, drivers suiting up and a first hand glimpse of all the behind the scenes action.
Audley & I with our friends Brandon and Crystal


Hanging out in the garage watching car inspections


This garage was cleaner than many homes I’ve been in!  It was unbelievable how organized & spotless it was!
I know racing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but once you’ve seen it live, you may totally change your mind!
It’s so exhilarating!


Up close to all the action!


Audley with legendary car owner Richard Childress


Jimmy Johnson celebrating a huge All-Star Race win


Audley & I with the Sprint Cup trophy 
We had so much fun at the races for my birthday, that we returned the following weekend for the Coco-Cola 600 Memorial day race.
I’m serious.
This is some really fun stuff!
Happy Monday y’all!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Go Racin"!

  1. What a wonderful birthday gift, Jen! I adore all things NASCAR too. I never “got it” until I actually attended a race and boy was I hooked! I actually met Dale Sr. a couple of times when Wrangler was his main sponsor (I worked there and he came to a couple of our events). I will admit though, that since he died and now that so many races aren't in the South, I don't watch nearly as many races as I used to. 😦 Maybe I just need to GO to another race!


  2. Gosh! Bradley has gotten so tall! Right. I have to say the first thing on my mind before I forget it. Now I'm glad that you resisted the urge to leap that fence and change the tire because I'm pretty sure that you could these days! Every now and then, believe it or not, I like to watch the races on tv. Perhaps it is because we can hear the races in the summertime on the little track one town over. I used to enjoy sitting in the stands as a teen, but not so much these days.


  3. My husband loves NASCAR! He and the kiddos have gone to several races. I have always passed on it! LOL It isn't my cup of tea and I am always shocked at who loves NASCAR, it truly spans the socioeconomic spectrum!


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