The CowFish

Charlotte is not all race cars and super stars.  In fact over the last couple of months Audley & I have discovered some really great eats in our couple of ventures into Charlotte!
The latest of our culinary adventures was to a great “sushi” bar called the CowFish.
Can you imagine the meal we enjoyed here?
Trying to describe this restaurant is more difficult than you would imagine.
If you don’t like loud music, crowds, sushi, crashing your diet or adventure, this IS NOT the place for you.
On the other hand, if you are brave and daring with you culinary tastes, don’t mind a wait, enjoy a lively atmosphere and want to step out of your comfort zone, make a reservation now!
You won’t regret it!
The CowFish is a fusion restaurant. If you want a hamburger or BBQ sandwich, order one.  If you want sushi, indulge and enjoy.  If you want both, you can have it all neatly and artistically rolled up!
You just have to keep an open mind here.
We stumbled upon this interesting restaurant quite by accident.  We were around SouthPark mall and looking for something to eat that was a little different, when we saw a group dining on their patio.  The name “CowFish” totally intrigued me, so I went to Urbanspoon (if you have an iPhone, download the Urbanspoon app to use when you are out and about looking for somewhere delicious to dine!) to check this place out; we were sold!
The menu can be intimidating.  There are literally hundreds of flavors to fit any mood you might be in!  Audley and I spent about 25 minutes studying the menu to make sure we were getting what we wanted.
We weren’t deprived during that 25 minutes though as the first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the Crab Rangoon dip.  Now I love a Crab Rangoon, so this sounded delicious!
It was basically a deconstructed rangoon: cream cheese, crab meat, with a parmesan panko topping, baked and served with crispy wonton strips with a sweet and spicy chili sauce.
Oh I want some of that now!!
After puzzling over the menu for what seemed like a lifetime, Audley & I finally settled on what we wanted to try for lunch.
Audley is a huge sushi fan, so he went with a traditional sushi roll;
 Tropical Storm Roll
A California roll topped with 3 layers of fresh sashimi (tuna, salmon & yellowtail), then topped with Japanese cream sauce, sweet brown sauce & sriracha.  Each piece is then covered with multi-covered tobiko (flying fish egg) for fantastic presentation.  Served with a side of wasabi yuzu dipping sauce.
It was a pretty sushi roll.
That man-of-mine was one happy diner!
For my lunch I decided to go more of the fusion route and tried the Burgushi.

“The Cowfish introduces a unique fusion of burgers and sushi! Burgushi items are served in various formats, including sushi rolls created utilizing beef & burger components and non-traditional ingredients, and sandwiches created using sushi components.”

The description just appealed to me.

I know, I am a little off….

But, I tried it and I liked it.
The Deliverance Roll – Southern Style Bar-B-Q-shi

Tender pulled pork, tangy BBQ sauce and tempura onion straws rolled with seaweed and rice, tempura battered and flash fried to golden brown.  Each piece is topped with homemade bacon coleslaw to finish.

{I told you it wasn’t good for a diet.}

Looks interesting, doesn’t it?!

And I liked it!

My Deliverance roll was totally different than anything I have ever had, and it was most enjoyable.

It was also a lot of food.

My son thoroughly enjoyed the leftover’s I brought home with me.

While the Cow Fish is not a national chain, they do have two locations; Charlotte and just recently opened in Raleigh, North Carolina.

And if you are a fan of restaurants that uses fresh ingredients from local sources this is a good one to add to you list!

When you plan your next adventure in the beautiful South, you need to add this culinary delight to your agenda!

One thought on “The CowFish

  1. Very pretty food! I'd never be brave enough to try it, but it really is beautifully presented. A gal has to learn how to blow the diet and get back on the plan. I mean you can't lose weight forever! Glad that you and Audley had such a fun experience out.


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