Pinterest Inspired Firecrackers for the Fourth

As I was walking through Home Depot with my husband Saturday evening he informed me that I am frequently the topic of conversation on Monday mornings in the office.
How exciting!
Visions of all the fabulous things he might say immediately ran through my head.
Like the fact that I’m a outstanding cook, or an ace at managing our three teenagers without stressing, or a dynamite wife that can’t be beat…..
Alas, those are not the conversations.
His conversations start out more like this:
“So Chris, how much did Pinterest cost you this weekend?”
“Audley, we made “x” amount of trips to Home Depot”
“I feel ya.  Jen had us at Michaels 3 times this weekend!”
So much for the romantic husband who has so much more he could brag about.
Truth be told, we only went to Michael’s and Home Depot once (in the same trip) this weekend.
And I only spent $20 on my Pinterest project…. saving a little because I already had a little paint & used Michael’s 40% off coupons.
The project?
These super cute firecrackers for a little Fourth of July decorating.
There were several variations of these on Pinterest; from tabletop versions to this porch display.
I personally liked the porch display, so that was the direction I went.
Here is a list of supplies for this little project:
1- 4x4x8 (cut into 27, 30 & 33 inch pieces… Home Depot will cut this for free!)
3- 2×6 pieces of wood
(Check the scrap bin at Home Depot …. they may give you these for free or very cheap)
White Primer
Red, White & Blue glossy spray paint
24-inches of thick rope
White & Red paint pens (or acrylic paint & brushes)
drill bit (for drilling holes for the rope)
Screws or long nails to assemble the bases and posts
1. Attach your 6-inch square pieces of wood to the 4×4 posts to create a base for your firecracker to stand on.  2. In the top of your 4×4 post, drill a 1-inch hole the diameter of your rope for it to sit down in.  3. Prime your wood.  4. Spray paint the “firecrackers” red, white & blue.
After all of the painting is finished, write out which ever words you would like on your firecrackers.
I wanted mine to say “Snap, Crackle & Pop.”
Audley said that was a cereal, so I used “boom” to replace “snap”.
I do recommend that if you don’t have a steady hand with a paint brush to definitely use a paint pen.  You can really tell a difference in writing with a brush and writing with a pen.
The last step is to place the wicks into your firecrackers.  Audley cut the rope into even pieces and secured them to the base with clear silicone (and rubbed a little on the top to keep it from unraveling).
And now we have a colorful welcome at our front door!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Inspired Firecrackers for the Fourth

  1. Jen, at least you're doing your pinspirations! That's more than I'm doing. Oh I did try that rib recipe…yummy. That's about it! This is a cute project. Thank goodness it's too late for this year!


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