Vee’s Note Card Party

My two daughters and I are in Jamaica this week and next for a mission trip in the small mountain town of Santa Cruz.  This is my fourth year making this trip, and as always it is such a joy to share this awesome adventure with my girls.

For Vee’s Notecard Party I thought I would share some past pictures of the gorgeous natural beauty found all over the island.


Bananas grow in most all of the yards in the community in which we stay on our trip.


I love these gorgeous flowers that were growing at Rose Hall (home of a legendary witch) in Montego Bay


Bird of Paradise growing near the church building in Santa Cruz, Jamaica
Plumaria growing in the yard of a local in Santa Cruz


I can’t wait to share pictures and stories from our trip this year!
I am linking up today with Vee’s Notecard Party.  Be sure to stop over and see what everyone else is sharing as well!


19 thoughts on “Vee’s Note Card Party

  1. Hello Jennifer. Beautiful photos of Jamaica. They remind me of our years in Ecuador. Such exotic foliage. I love the creaminess of the plumeria flower.
    Blessings as you continue your missions experience with your girls.


  2. Audley did great!

    So did you! These note cards are delightful. I have to wonder what happens when all the bananas ripen at once. What do the people do with them all? We can hardly keep ahead of five. Ha!

    Have an excellent missions trip! You've probably got so much energy that you're getting a lot accomplished.


  3. What a terrific theme! I remember the bananas growing in the trees when we visited Jamaica over 30 years ago. I vaguely remember Rose Hall too! It is quite a beautiful island, but there is a lot of poverty there.


  4. The bird of paradise is my hand's down favorite this time. I think they are all not only really lovely but interesting to boot! Praying that your mission is greatly blessed!


  5. God Bless you for giving your time to help others.
    I don't think I have ever seen more beautiful flowers than the ones in the Caribbean.
    Your photos make nice note cards.


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