The Coconut Tree

The girls and I arrived home from our mission trip in Jamaica late Wednesday night, and after a day of recovering and catching up on laundry I thought I’d pop in to say hello!
We had a most wonderful trip, which I will share with you over the next few days, but there was one cool experience we enjoyed while visiting the St. Elizabeth Infirmary in Santa, Cruz that just couldn’t wait!
The groundskeeper climbed a coconut tree for us so that we could enjoy fresh coconut & coconut milk.  While he didn’t shimmy up the entire tree, you can see that he shimmied farther than this girl ever will!
It was so neat to watch!









My Madeline was totally fascinated by this little adventure!
How to cut a coconut…. Jamaican style!



Madeline enjoying fresh, cool coconut milk.
One of the ladies from the church in Santa Cruz shared a recipe with me that uses some of that fresh coconut milk.  I will share it with you next week!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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