Coming (Very) Soon: A New Look

Lately I’ve been pondering all of the changes in my life.  This includes my blog.
When I chose the name “Our Southern Table” we were living on a farm in north Alabama where I spent a lot of time cooking, gardening, entertaining and generally breathing food.
In the last year and a half, besides moving to Upstate South Carolina, my life no longer revolves around food, but family, decorating, DIY, travel, shopping/fashion & a social life.  Much of this has appeared in my posts, although it really doesn’t match the theme of my blog.
So, I am changing it up.
Starting immediately, “Our Southern Table” will become “Fiddle Dee Dee”, a glimpse of our sweet southern life.
I used this name several years ago as it represented all the different aspects of my writing and I believe it represents me once again.  I am keeping the same URL, so you don’t have to venture anywhere else to find me.  And I fully intend to write more and add content that appeals to everyone at some point!
With a fresh new look and a renewed zest for writing and dabbling in so many things that I love, I hope my readers will enjoy this little change!
One suggestion that was made to me on my Facebook page was to add a fitness/health feature, which I began last week.  Fitness Friday may be a healthy recipe, suggestions for getting in shape, or a bit of my own fit journey, but I hope that I can encourage anyone wanting to make healthy changes in their own lives.
I am totally up for suggestions on things you would like to see, so please leave me a message with your ideas!
Finally, I want to thank each of you that stop by and read my musings each week.  I hope in some way I bring at least a little something useful to your day!

4 thoughts on “Coming (Very) Soon: A New Look

  1. I will wait to see how much updating I need to do for your blog…sometimes it switches right over without a hitch. Jazzing it up a bit seems to be the order of the day…

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