Check Out Versona Accessories

I am not a fashion blogger, but with two teenage daughters who just returned to school and my need to begin building an entirely new wardrobe, fashion and shopping has become an important extra-curricular activity in our home. My girls are insisting that they help dress me since “obviously” I have no longer have the ability to shop for myself.
Just recently, I purchased several new outfits, only to have to return ALL of them because “if you lost all of the weight why do you want to hide behind oversized clothes & styles that make you look 80 years old?
{Oh the joys of opinionated teenagers.}
This has created some fun outings for my girls and me over the last several weeks.

Recently Madeline and I drove up to Charlotte (just over an hour from here) to check out a fairly new store called Versona Accessories.

We have a wonderful friend who is in regional management with Versona and has really been wanting us to check it out.
I am so glad that we did!

Owned by the Cato company, Versona is a great place to shop for an outfit, start to finish.  From the basics to the accessories & shoes, Versona has you covered!
Madeline and I had a blast checking out Versona and all the fun combinations of outfits!
Shopping at Versona is so easy and fun.  The entire store is arranged by color with every imaginable shade and combination of blue, red, orange, black, green, yellow and neutrals displayed for mixing and matching.
Display of blues


Display of neutrals 
Versona is a fabulous shopping experience as anyone from 13 to 80 will find something to suit their taste.  We discovered classic looks that are timeless and current trends straight from the latest fashion magazines.  Madeline and I had so much fun matching outfits and trying them on.  We even shopped for MacKenzie Grace finding looks to fit her personality that were spot on!  My favorite part of clothing shopping at Versona was there were plenty of modest choices for my daughters.
That makes for very happy parents.

As for prices, I thought they were great!  Like all stores, there were some pricey items, but for under $300 we bought dresses, tops, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, and belts for all three of us ladies.  The most expensive item was a dress for $40 that we picked out for MacKenzie.

My accessory loving casual girl… Accessories from Versona: belt, necklace, bracelet, & sunglasses


And my girlie girl… I told you they had super stylish & classy dresses!

Versona keeps a fabulous clearance section that seems to be updated weekly with newer items that are greatly marked down.  I’m all about a good sale, especially one that is continuously updated!

Right now Versona Accessories can be found in locations in Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Ohio, but they are growing!  You can check out their store locator here to find if there is a location near you.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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