Fit Friday: Greenville Color Vibe

A couple of months ago I created a bucket list of things to accomplish as I began to reach certain weight goals.  One  of those was to run a 5K.  Originally I had planned to do this in November, but my sweet Madeline discovered the super fun Color Vibe run was coming to the area in August and insisted that we do it together.

So, with just 3 1/2 weeks to prepare, I got ready to run my first 5K.

There are several programs out there to get ready for running events, but I didn’t use one.  I just went with my gut and started walking the hills and roads through our subdivision, then added jogging to the mix.  In three weeks time, there is really no way to be ready to run, but I was determined to be close.

Madeline & me just before the start of the race … we had already been dusted with a little color.
And, I was close.  I ran about 3/4 of the 5K race, mainly walking the hills that totally kicked my bum.  WOW!  I wasn’t out of breathe or exhausted from being out of shape, just from not training long.
Madeline ran off and left me, which was quite expected and alright (she is a distance runner for the high school track team).

I passed people who started before me and finished the entire thing in just under 45 minutes, which pleased me greatly.

My three super encouraging kiddos, as well as one of my reasons to be fit!


No matter how big or small, accomplishing a goal is always satisfying.

But that is the fun in a 5K like the Color Vibe.  Everyone is there to raise money for a local charity; in our case a local food bank.  Costumes and personality is encouraged, and you don’t necessarily have to run.

In fact there were several groups that participated that were there to walk the entire event and have fun!
That’s what is so awesome about living a fit life.  You can walk your journey, or you can run it, but you’ll always enjoy it!
I did enjoy having my biggest cheerleader present to encourage me along my route and waiting on me at the finish line.
2012 (on the left) & August 31, 2013 (on the right)…. And yes, I am wearing a tutu!
There is a 100 pounds less for him to love on, but I really don’t think he cares.

Find something that peaks your interest and motivate yourself this weekend to do something different!  You will be so glad that you did!

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