Fit Friday: Turning Point

This week has been almost overwhelming for me.  It has also been a week that makes me thankful for the lifestyle change in mine and my family’s lives.  A year and a half ago I know that I would not have made it through this week with out either getting sick or sleeping away my day while the kids were in school as well as my weekend.
I probably would have done both, and I would have cried a lot too with the stress because Audley was out-of-town.
 This week has consisted of 
*five workouts; two weightlifting sessions and three 5 mile walking/running sessions as I prepare for another 5K (one I fully intend to run the entire distance this time),
*a double-header softball game where I discovered that 41 is too old to cover home plate because you refuse to let a certain hot shot guy score against you (not that it really made a difference in the score…..),
*2 long swim meets where Bradley debuted his first competition backstroke (and finished first),
Bradley was my training partner most of the summer in the gym …. his physique is quite impressive for a 13 year old!
Swimming a freestyle event
*MacKenzie’s Academic Excellence awards night at the high school,
MacKenzie had the highest science grade in the school
*a meeting with the guidance counselor to discuss MacKenzie’s graduation test results (she passed with above average marks her first time through)
{Thankfully Madeline is in her off season!!}
And this…
I finished my last chapter quizzes in my class….
Took a practice exam….
And unlocked my final exam.
As if the events of the last 14 months have not been enough, today is truly a turning point in my life.
By the end of the day I will know if I am a certified Fitness Trainer.
I’ve already had a job interview, but that is a story for another day.
Next week should be much calmer and I plan to wrap up my summer vacation series before the first day of fall arrives with our visits to Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama and a photo journal of a relaxing weekend in Palm Beach, Florida.  I also have some easy (and healthy) variations of vinaigrette for you that are just perfect for autumn salads and a DIY project Audley completed for me.
Have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Turning Point

  1. Have always thought you were a busy lady! Now you're the Energizer Bunny. Congrats to you and the kids on your achievements…you definitely have more to share!


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