Barn Door Sofa Table

Back last winter I designed, and with Audley’s help built a great barn door coffee table for our living room.  This piece of furniture, while very simple and rustic, means so much to us as the barn door we used came from a hundred year old barn on his family’s property in north Alabama.


We left the old hinges on the coffee table … I love a piece a furniture with character!

We had access to one more door, so Audley decided to trim it up and create a sofa table, also for our living room.

Audley completed this project in just three days (long enough for each coat of polyurethane to dry) and had it assembled in just an hour or so.

Besides the barn door which he trimmed down to the size we wanted, Audley purchased standard table legs (28-inches) at Home Depot, silver plates to attached the legs to, and a couple of 1×2 strips to create the frame.  The stain is mahogany by Minwax.  Audley stained all of the wood pieces after cutting them, prior to assembly.  Then he added a coat of polyurethane so they had the same shine the table would have.


We bleached the barn door and let it sit for a few weeks to kill anything that had decided to bury itself in the wood.  On the door itself, we did not stain it, but instead applied several coats of polyurethane.  I loved the richness of the wood when it dried.

Audley attached the silver plates where the legs would attach before adding the polyurethane so that he could measure for the trim.

After everything was good and dried, Audley attached the trim using screws.

Because the table was so top heavy, Audley built a bracket to stabilize the legs near the base.  I’m still debating if I want to take some of the left-over barn door and create a shelf on the bracket.

If you have an opinion after seeing the final pictures, I would love to hear it!

And here is our “heirloom” sofa table:


We left the table “as is”; no sanding, original nails still in place, and pits in the door…. love the character!


Do I or don’t I add a shelf to the bracket??


Our barn door tables are not the most expensive tables to be found in a home, but I sure do love how special they are to us!

4 thoughts on “Barn Door Sofa Table

  1. They look wonderful and the meaning alone makes them perfect for your home. What about three matching baskets for the brace or something like that?


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