Please Be Patient With Me!

Where to begin?
I’m really not sure, but with the lack of blogging going on here I have obviously been a little preoccupied.
As summer turned to fall (and it feels like winter here in South Carolina!), I also changed seasons.
It actually began when I finished a professional certification class to earn my Personal Training cert.
Then I got a wild hair and traded in my mini-van.
For the first time in fifteen years I am driving a cute little car.
And I love it.
But then came the biggest change of all.
I left my cozy world of being a stay-at-home-mom and for the first time in seventeen years, I am working full-time outside the home.
And I am loving my job as a personal trainer.
But in between work we have had our plates full with color guard, the end of swim season (& beginning of wrestling), a couple of weekend get-aways to watch NASCAR, a trip home for Homecoming at mine & Audley’s alma mater and Audley traveling five days a week for work.
Band Competition …. Top scores across the board!
Regional Swim meet
Off to the races at Talladega!
Homecoming … out with my best friend from high school
So now I am learning to balance work and home, single parenting during the week, traveling on the weekends, and finding time for me.
And poor Madeline with it being her off season for sports is my little tag-along.  She’s getting plenty of workouts in the gym during the week, though!
So I am asking you to please be patient as I get my act together and continue traveling through this new season of life!
I do have an apple butter recipe to share with you.
And before watching the guard perform at regionals in Atlanta on Saturday Momma & I are hitting up the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain.
And I have a super healthy and absolutely delicious bread recipe just perfect for autumn.
And believe it or not we are all decked out for Halloween here.
IF the swim banquet ends early tonight, I’ll have that apple butter recipe up tomorrow.  I’ve got it all made, I just have to tell you how to do it!
Have a fabulous Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Please Be Patient With Me!

  1. I think it's great that you've made all these changes! It's good to have a full life and enjoy what you do. Congrats on the job! I used to be a Certified Personal Trainer back in the day when they just started with certifications. Where are you working?


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