Skipping Halloween

I wasn’t going to decorate for Halloween.  
I REALLY wasn’t going to decorate for Halloween.
I was just going to skip it this year.
I started telling myself this back in July.
We had swim regions.  We had band competitions.  We were going to the October race in Charlotte.  We are never home.
Then October rolled around.
I saw cute little things in the stores.
I discovered really neat things on Pinterest.
And then other bloggers began posting their fun Halloween decorations.
And then there was this ….
“But Momma!  You always make the holidays so fun!  Why are you ruining it this year?!”
So I did this in the kitchen….
Hot Drink bar … coffee, tea and assorted creamers and sugar


And this in the dining room….




My Halloween Tree decorated with Christopher Radko’s Shiny Bright ornaments.



Simple touches on the bar cart
And yet another little vignette for the living room.


And then I decided since they really are too old to trick or treat that they needed this …..
Not healthy I know….
And this…
And this nacho cheese dip isn’t better.
And topped it all off with this …..
I REALLY want to dive right into this!
You can make your own Witches Hat Cheeseball as well…..
2- 8 oz. packages of Philadelphia Cream cheese, depending on the size that you want (It just tastes better)
3/4 cup chopped pepperoni
1 cup shredded, sharp cheddar cheese
1 1/2 Tablespoons Liquid Smoke
Mrs. Dash Taco seasoning
Blue Tortilla Chips, crushed
Corn Tortilla Chips (1/4 cup crushed, the rest for dipping)
Combine the first five ingredients and shape into a cone for the top of the witches hat (or a pumpkin even … it’s very versatile) leaving enough of the mixture to create the round base as well.  Gently roll the top in blue tortilla chips, leaving the bottom uncovered so that you can dip it in the crushed corn chips that will make the band of the hat.
Use the remaining corn chips for dipping in the cheeseball.
So much for skipping Halloween!
Here’s wishing you a very Happy Halloween filled with many delightful treats!

5 thoughts on “Skipping Halloween

  1. Yum! I want one of those apples! My husband used to bring home Mrs. Prindables apples when he worked at Saks. They had just started carrying them. Everything looks so pretty (in a creep sort of way) 🙂 Love the color scheme!


  2. Wow! Fantastic decor! Yes, if it wasn't for my kids I would hit the bypass button for January. 🙂

    Have a happy fall day and please stop by to enter my 1000th post celebration giveaways all week long.


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