A Simple Holiday Centerpiece

Fa-la-la, Ho Ho Ho, and ’tis the season, It’s Christmastime at last!
In-between wrestling tournaments, school, color guard, traveling and work, I am actually balancing my time to get everything ready this holiday season and having a blast getting it all done!
Our trees are trimmed, garland is wrapped, and stockings are hung, leaving only little details remaining to pull it all together.
This year I have gone with a lot of fairly natural and dare I say non-traditional (for me) decorations.  While I’m not revealing that today, I do want to share a super simple centerpiece idea that anyone can pull off for a coffee table or even the dinner table.
All you need is a wooden box, fresh cut greenery (from your backyard), a few ornaments (that you already have), tissue or news paper, 6-inch pillar candles (these can generally be found at the dollar store), and candlesticks (use what you have because they will be hidden) for holding the candles.
Arrange your candle sticks topped with the candles in the box and then fill the bottom with tissue paper.  Don’t bring the paper above the top of the candle stick.


After you have layered the paper, just add your cut greenery to completely fill the box.  Let it hang over the sides and spill out.  You want this to look full and lush!
I used holly and cedar branches for my greenery of choice.
The fragrance is heavenly!


After I had the desired fullness of green in the box, I then added ornaments to complete the holiday look.
If I had red berries I would used them as well, but my holly shrubs don’t produce berries.  Pine cones would also be perfect in this.
Just let your imagination go!
That’s it….
Even a child can pull this off.
(Just don’t let them play with matches.)
And cheap.
Now I felt like my box was too big for the table I originally made it for, so I did a little re-arranging of ornaments and created instead a filler for our fireplace.
Layering more cedar branches in the bottom of the fireplace, I centered the box and now have a festive fireplace!


Once I reveal the rest of my living room to you, it’ll be so easy to see why this fits perfectly with my decor!
And my sweet hubby has some barn wood we salvaged which he is going to build me a box that is proportional to the table I need it for!  I’ll share it as well!
Have a holly jolly week!!

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