Madeline’s Craftiness

This Momma isn’t the only one in our house spreading a little Christmas cheer, my fourteen year old, Madeline, is having fun creating her own Christmas crafts!


When we attended the Country Living Fair in Atlanta at the end of October she was a bit inspired with  the demo by Blogger, Heather Patterson of At the Picket Fence.
Heather did a fun tutorial on creating mini trees to use in your Christmas decorating and it got Madeline’s wheels spinning.


While watching Christmas movies over the weekend Madeline slipped off to her bedroom with a styrofoam cone that she found in my craft cabinet and returned with her own version of a mini tree in hot pink and electric blue.
She wanted something different to add to her own room this year.
She even went so far as to make her own little yarn pom-pom to top off her tree.


I thought it was adorable and totally fitting of her personality!  It’ll be so cute in her bedroom.
What all Christmas crafts have you tackled this holiday season?

4 thoughts on “Madeline’s Craftiness

  1. You've spawned a mini-you! She clearly inherited the crafting and decorating gene from you. I love her yarn tree and her cute little pose in her color-coordinated PJs. I hope you've shared this with Heather. She'd love to know she's inspiring the next generation of crafter/blogger!


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