A Post-Sleepover Waffle Bar

Friday night, Audley and I were blessed to open our home to eleven teenage girls plus our own two daughters for an entertaining night of fun and silliness as part of our youth group’s “StayTreat” weekend.  “StayTreat” was a weekend for the youth group teens to spend bonding and focusing on spiritual topics as well as having a lot of fun together by attending a hockey game, playing softball, and other activities without ever leaving town and spending the extra money that occurs with such trips!
It was a wonderful idea and we enjoyed being able to help out with different aspects of the weekend.
I’m not sure why I called this a post-sleepover (it was more like a post-nap) waffle bar as I went to bed at nearly 3:00 AM and they were still wide open, but none-the-less, this is an ideal little breakfast (or midnight snack) bar that was just perfect for young ladies spending a night in your home.
And I am sure guys would love it as well.
Girls were piled up all through the house!


Here’s a little peak at our simple waffle bar……
Originally I had planned to make homemade waffles, but ended up with a 9:00 client Saturday morning, so Eggo’s baked in the oven worked perfectly.
Toppings for the waffles included strawberries, blueberries bananas, chocolate chips, pecan, butter, sugar-free syrup and homemade whipped cream.


Options for your waffle bar are endless.  From candy to fruit you can go any direction that you would like when choosing toppings for your waffles.  I did choose healthy options, but they were well received and the girls LOVED building their waffles!



The girls were also taking pictures of their creations and using Face Time to tease the teenage boys who stayed elsewhere; bragging about their fun breakfast!
There are so many shortcuts you can take here.  You can replace the whipped cream with Redi-whip or Cool Whip.  You can use a variety of syrups from fruit to maple.  Certainly there are other fruit options you can choose and you can even cook the fruit so that it becomes a hot topping.
That is the beauty of serving breakfast like this.  You can’t go wrong!


My dishes are actually a combination of elements purchased at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Pampered Chef, but all in white gave my little bar a uniformed look.

I kept everything matchy, matchy, but you can decorate your bar however you like from an eclectic mix of dishes to disposable everything!
Hopefully I’ve given you a little inspiration for your next sleepover party.  This was an absolute hit and I will be planning something similar the next time we host a sleepover!
Hope your week is off to a great start!!

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