Snowpocalypse 2014

We don’t see much snow at all in the south. And one thing I have learned in the two years we have lived in South Carolina, we don’t really get snow at all.
Until the last two weeks when our kids were out of school for two days for a dusting.
From 2 weeks ago.  Yes, that’s sled in our front yard…. a teenager can hope.


When I refer to a dusting, I really mean like the dust on a table, not a dusting Northerners refer to.


The lake across from our house
We just can’t handle snow.
We really can’t handle ice.
The two are combining this week & has us buckled down for a Snowpocalypse.
Go ahead and laugh.
I laugh too.
I also bought an extra tank of gas for our grill loaded up on extra firewood, bought extra lighters, stocked up on bottle water, soup ingredients, healthy snacks, hot chocolate, candles, blankets, nonperishable foods like peanut butter, popcorn, etc…. & , kitty litter & cat food for our four legged babies.
I’m not going to be caught in this mess unprepared!
I’ve also pulled out some of our favorite “snow day” movies to curl up and watch with the kiddos in front of a fire over the next several days.  With the winter Olympics going on as well right now, combining the two themes will make for some great entertainment!
Here are some of our favorites:








Do have a favorite snow day/ Olympic flick?  How do you prepare for crazy winter weather where you are?
Here’s hoping that being prepared will chase just a bit of this winter weather away!
Have a great Monday!

3 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse 2014

  1. That's awesome. We rarely get snow in our portion of Washington..we are not far above sea level…but thursday we were hit pretty hard…got 10″ at our house….whoo hoo. I was loving it. Just now starting to thaw out. I'd love for it to stay longer, but unfortunately too many people do not know how to function in it and we also only have one 4wd vehicle for 3 people which can make getting to work tricky. I'll have to do a post later today and you can see pics. Love your house by the way!


  2. I will have proper sympathy for you if you will for me come summer and the first 100 degree day. Great idea to be prepared and to have lots of movies and board games. We'll be watching Narnia again come our snowbound day.


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