Fireside Romance

For most of mine and Audley’s nineteen years together we have been away from family as well as being parents from day one. I became a full-time momma the day we said “I do.” When it comes to keeping romance alive in our marriage we have often had to be quite creative with “dating” each other.
With small children and lack of babysitters often we created what we have fondly called “carpet picnics”.  These began when we lived in Carrollton, Georgia about 12 years ago.  We would feed the kiddos and then put them to bed two hours earlier than usual.  While I did the tucking in, lighting candles and laying out our picnic spread, Audley would run out and grab take-out from our favorite little seafood restaurant and we would picnic in the living room floor.
Those were special times for us.
Now days, with three teenagers still living at home we don’t have to have babysitters any longer; we usually just go out.  But last weekend Audley and I decided that we really wanted to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies together.  We had to run the girls to a sleepover after we both got off from work and we had a child sick with a chest cold.  There wasn’t time for supper out, and we felt bad for Bradley, so we took a step back in time to the days of our carpet picnics.
We ordered take-out sushi from our favorite little joint, fed Bradley and tucked him in and enjoyed a romantic dinner by the fire watching the opening ceremonies.
Audley built a beautiful and cozy fire, while I lit candles, arranged our take-out on a platter, pulled out our chopsticks and dipping bowls to complete our fireside date.
Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable date with my husband.
What are some things that you do to keep the romance alive in your own relationships?

4 thoughts on “Fireside Romance

  1. Ahhh. This is sweet. We do dinners like this once in awhile. Now that we're empty nesters, it's still fun to do special things. I'm deciding what to make/do for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Maybe a fondue in front of the fire. Lovely photos.


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