Our Topsy-Turvy Garden Planter

As Audley cleaned out the shed a few weeks back we discovered that we had quite a collection of terra cotta pots left from various plantings in season’s past.  Instead of filling them with flowers and trying to scatter them around the patio and porch, I decided to tackle a quick and easy planter project that we had seen displayed in our local Home Depot.
The class to learn how to do this project was not until the middle of the month, so after snapping a few pictures, Audley & I put it together on our own.
To create this simple planter all you need are five terra cotta pots of various sizes (large to small), 1/2 inch (or #4) rebar, potting soil and plants.
 Easy enough, right?
Assembling the topsy turvy tower is just as simple.
1. Level the largest pot you will be using where you would like it to be.
2. You will need help for part of this, but you want to stack the pots (without dirt in them) to get an idea of how tall your planter tower will be.  We measured ours to be right at 3 feet and was pretty spot on.  Cut your rebar to the correct height.
3.  Center your rebar in the largest pot.  Have someone hold it centered as you fill that pot completely with dirt.  This will make the base for your second flower pot.
4.  Thread your second pot through the rebar and tilt it at the base on the pot of dirt.
5. Then alternate the remaining pots, tilting and turning so that they rest of the pot just under them.
6.  Fill each of your flower pots with dirt….
And then plant whatever your heart’s desire.

For our planter we went with a combination of herbs and added flowers for color.  I also picked plants that do well in morning sun.

And I love how it turned out!


Be sure to water your freshly planted flowers and herbs daily for about five days (unless you are getting rain) so that they won’t wilt and not flourish.



We have four more flower pots, so my plans are to pick up one more and another piece of rebar for a second topsy turvey planter.  I really like the idea of having my herbs right out my back door for easy access.  I’ll post pictures of the two planters in the whole scheme of things to show off our patio color when I get it finished!
What have you found creative to do this spring?

3 thoughts on “Our Topsy-Turvy Garden Planter

  1. Nothing as creative as this. It has so much whimsy and charm and will look beyond fabulous when the plants really start filling out. It would make a great kitchen garden for herbs and such. Hmmm…wonder if John could handle “one more thing.” Nope. Probably not. Still I'm tucking it into my file folder.


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