A Night at The Theatre

Audley and I love culture and arts, so a night out to the theatre makes for a perfect date night for the two of us.  Whether it be ballet, Broadway, the symphony, or a local band art events have been some of our more memorable nights out over the years.

Recently we slipped away to Flat Rock, NC (just forty-five minutes away) for a local production of “Boeing, Boeing”.  I just love supporting local arts.  There are times that we have seen better productions from the small community troupes than the larger national programs.

“Boeing, Boeing”! As much as Audley travels and dashes through the airport we couldn’t have picked a more perfect production.

Flat Rock is a quaint little town just outside of Asheville in the North Carolina mountains.  There are actually two theaters in the area; a small intimate setting in historic downtown Flat Rock and a much more grand stage for more detailed and large-scaled productions.

For our evening out we visited the intimate downtown theater.

Flat Rock downtown playhouse

Flat Rock downtown playhouse

The entrance to the downtown Playhouse theater

The entrance to the downtown Playhouse theater

The stage was set up with just one set that was the setting of the entire play.  I liked that concept as it made the play so easy to follow.

The set ... we weren't supposed to take any pictures, but I had to sneak just one!

The set … we weren’t supposed to take any pictures, but I had to sneak just one!

A little on the raunchy side, but absolutely hysterical, the story was set in the 1960’s, the boom of airline travel and the “romantic” lives that stewardesses lived.  It was the remake of a 1962 comedy about a swinging bachelor living it up in Paris, France and the three stewardesses he as a relationship with.  Add a friend from high school to the mix, a busy-body maid and let the laughs begin as one catastrophe after another takes place!

The local troupe did a fabulous job of acting and truly made the performance one to remember.

Since it was date night and we were headed out to a live performance, I wanted to dress-up for the evening.


All dressed up and ready to go out!

I think I was a little over-dressed compared to several in the audience (I really didn’t mind), but my simple shirt dress was a perfect complement to my handsome man’s jacket and jeans.

And can you believe it?  I’ve gone from a brunette to a blonde!

It’s my mid-life crisis.

While I do like to dress up even more for the ballet or a Broadway show, I thought my choice was great for the community theater.

Do you dress up for shows?  What have you checked out lately?


2 thoughts on “A Night at The Theatre

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  2. I think your choice was great!! I love the hair color, it compliments your skin tone. I am happy to make it known that I will be moving to the Gaineville, Georgia area after being in Houston, Tx for the last 7 years. A new move is scary but I truly believe the best is yet to come. I was born in Georgia and raised in Charleston,SC and I just feel like I have to get back to what I consider the south. I have been a longtime reader and always look forward to reading it!! Take care.


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