Sounds of the Season

It’s that time of year when our ears and hearts are filled with the sounds of the Christmas season.  I’ll admit it, I am a wee bit cheesy when it comes to Christmas.  I love to decorate, travel, carry on tradition, make new traditions with my family,  but most of all I absolutely adore Christmas music!

It starts in October.  I pull out my favorite Christmas CD’s and stick them in the car and occasionally I turn one on as I’m riding by myself.

As I travel along I “fa-la-la” and feel some of the stress of life melt away.

Then in November, one of our local radio stations out of Greenville starts playing holiday music around the clock, I still keep it contained to my car, but as the kids travel with me they are forced to listen along.

Sometimes they will even “FA-LA-LA” themselves which can be a little scary silly from time to time.

 I will spare you a video of that.

Then, after Thanksgiving, it’s on.

Christmas music streams in the house, in all our cars, and even on my workout playlists!

Yes, I “FA-LA-LA, FA-LA-LA” through the gym as I workout; and I smile.

That’s why I love my holiday tunes; they take me away from the harshness of reality…. fussing teenagers, angry drivers, grumpy shoppers, & the frustrations of being micro-managed at work.

They just make me happy; no break-ups, no sex, no violence, it’s all joy and total cheese!

I love the traditional carols of old recreated by symphonies from all over the world, the vintage jazzy tunes of the 40’s & 50’s from Bing, Frank & Dean, some of the remakes of today from the velvety voices of Michael Buble or Harry Connick Jr., but this year, one particular song has captured my heart.

The acapella voices of Pentatonix won me over a couple of years ago on NBC’s The SING OFF and now their Christmas album is topping the charts.  “Mary Did You Know” has been circulating the internet for several weeks, so you may have heard it already.  Even so, it definitely merits listening to again.

“Mary Did You Know” has been one of my favorite holiday songs for years now, as it is a totally powerful testimony of why we celebrate this Christmas season (even if we know it’s not really His birthday)!  I do like the fact this is one time of the year when much of the world focuses on Jesus.  In a time where this is becoming more and more rare, I’ll take it.

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do and feel like “Fa-La-La-ing” a little yourself!

Tell me, my friends, when do you turn on the Christmas music and what is your favorite song?

Happy Sunday to you!!


One thought on “Sounds of the Season

  1. Hi Jennifer, I don’t start listening to Christmas music until December. Yesterday, as I was decorating the tree, I turned on the television to a Holiday Happenings music station. It played all kinds of music from classical to silly. It was fun and I found myself singling quite loudly. It does take your mind off of your troubles. 🙂 My favorite song of all is: The LIttle Drummer Boy


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