happy new year 2015 wishes in oriya

Here it is, already January 5 and I am finally sitting down to post on my blog for the first time this year.  Several times I have opened my laptop with the intentions of posting, but all that came to mind was a blank page.  I wanted to share something useful; something that my dear readers may not find elsewhere and might actually use.

Looking back at 2014 was not an option (even though it was a slow year on the blog, it was still a VERY good year), as I find looking back takes the focus off the looking forward.  I didn’t want to bombard you with resolutions for the New Year as everyone has their own and quite frankly mine are very weak.

Thoughout the last several days as I have pondered on what to write, I decided that I needed a focus; a theme to carry me though this year.  One not only for the blog, but also for my life.  Believe it or not, my children and husband helped me (although they don’t know it) with this theme.

I want to focus on a total healthy lifestyle…. A healthy lifestyle that encompasses the mind, body and spirit.


In our house we didn’t have a break the entire Christmas holiday.  We worked, we stressed over cleaning, we traveled, we stressed over shopping, cried over school, and only had company over one time because we had no time for anyone.  To be honest with you the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas were not fun and the so-called break from work and school turned out to be anything but a break for Audley, the kids and myself.

And it was NOT healthy.

It’s also not the life I want for myself or my family.

Health goes beyond having a good check-up at the doctor’s office.  Healthy is a way of living.  It’s a lifestyle that we must choose that incorporates all aspects of living from how we take care of ourselves to how we relate to others to how we live in general.  It is elevating the everyday and making it just a bit brighter for ourselves and those around us.  It is totally all about the mind, body and spirit.

Let’s face it, we all put too much on ourselves without looking at the consequences of what it is doing to our health.  Thoughout the next few weeks and of course the year I plan to share ways to help us all work towards the healthy mind, body and spirit, as well as carry this theme or focus throughout the entire year.

A healthy life is stepping away from the weeknight crime dramas and picking up a book instead; maybe a little less going out to eat and more staying in, eating at the table with the family.  Healthy living involves organizing our homes instead of living in chaos, taking time to finish the multitude of projects we’ve planned or started yet set aside.  A healthy life is getting out an exploring the beautiful area in which we live instead of staying inside surfing the net or watching TV and it’s dressing up to go to the grocery store instead of wearing yoga pants.  Healthy living is finding a proper balance between spare time and work without stress and exhaustion eating at our very souls.


There is so much that makes up a healthy life that will keep our mind, body and spirit in balance and I hope that I will encourage you to find this life as well!

Happy New Year my friends!!

I know it’s going to be a good one!


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