Easy Tuna “Ceviche”

The last five weeks of my life have been totally consumed with… well,… life.

 Between gift with purchase at the Elizabeth Arden counter, Elizabeth Arden school in Charlotte, a couple of new clients at the gym, varsity wrestling matches as well as Jr. Varsity wrestling state tourney, lacrosse season kicking off, quick trips to Columbia to see the college girl, hosting Life Group each Sunday night at our house, a quick trip to Las Vegas, and hubby already traveling three to five days a week for work, life has really kept me running.

It can sometimes be difficult to make healthy choices when living your life at 180 miles per hour.  There are days when hitting the food court at the mall during break or a drive-thru on the way to the next event would definitely be convenient, but that is a lifestyle I left behind a couple of years ago; completely without regret.

So what can you do when time is short, but you need to eat?  First, meal planning each week is completely necessary, but secondly, prepping some of those meals in advance is required!  Not too long ago I happened upon a quick and easy recipe for a canned tuna “ceviche”.  It has become a quick and easy favorite for packing my lunch for work or keeping in the refrigerator for a quick meal as I run back out the door.

Now a traditional ceviche typically involves the use of raw fish (salmon, shrimp, and scallops are popular choices) cured in citrus juice and seasoned with spices or peppers. This recipe eliminates the “raw”, incorporating canned tuna instead so that it does keep longer, especially if you are carrying it for lunch at work or a snack at a wrestling tournament.



6 ounces low-sodium albacore tuna, drained

Juice of 1-2 limes

1 teaspoon olive oil (I use California olive; real olive oil and USA made)

2 Tablespoons diced, red onion

1 Roma tomato, seeded and diced

1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced

1/4 tsp. Texas Pete hot sauce (a drop or two more if you like it spicy!)

1/2 of an avocado, sliced

Cilantro to garnish

Freshly ground black pepper

Pink Himalayan salt for tasting only, if needed


Assembling the “ceviche”

Putting this dish together is so easy.  Using a fork, whisk the olive oil and lime juice together in a bowl.  Add the tuna, red onion, Roma tomato, jalapeño, and Texas Pete, combining until the ingredients are mix.  Add you black pepper to taste and decide then if you need the salt.  With the lime juice, you can easily leave out the salt.


I had a little fun with my “ceviche” by lining a heart-shaped measuring cup with Saran wrap and packed the tuna mixture in it for a mold.


Turn the tuna out on a plate, garnished with fresh cilantro and avocado for a simple lunch that can be made ahead of time or whipped up in less that 15 minutes!


That’s it; easy-peasy.  You don’t even have to mold it if you dont want to, just eat it shtraight from the bowl!


You can also serve the “ceviche” on a bed of lettuce, or eat it with no-salt, thin tortilla chips (about 10 for a serving).

Since this recipe is for one serving, I like to double the recipe when I make it so that I have a snack available when I need it after working out or running out the door.

If you are interested in a another ceviche recipe, you can check out my shrimp ceviche that I made a while back, here.  I have made this using raw shrimp as well as the cooked shrimp the recipe calls for.  You don’t change anything if you choose to make it with the raw seafood.  I’m just not willing to serve raw food when we are entertaining.  Just overly careful I guess.

Do you have a quick and easy recipe that works for you when you’re on the run?  I would love to hear how you handle life in the fast lane!


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