Skincare Routine for the Ladies

Quite often I post on living a fit and healthy life based off of my experiences the last couple of years as I have struggled to lose weight.  As I’ve been on this journey, I’ve discovered that living a fit life goes beyond what I put in my body, exercising to stay fit, and mentality staying focused.  I thought it would be fun to share another side of living a healthy life:  taking care of your skin, especially your face!

 It wasn’t until I started working with cosmetics at work and with clients that I realized, skincare is truly not taken seriously at all!


Fresh-faced and kicking off another day at work!

I’ve always been fairly meticulous about skincare for my face, especially once I outgrew the stupidity of my teen years of laying out in the backyard slathered in baby oil!

Removing my makeup each night as well as using protective and corrective measures (such as sunscreen and moisturizers) has been a healthy habit I’ve tried to always maintain.   Our faces are always exposed to environmental elements that affect it daily.  From the sun to makeup to the cleaning products in our homes, our faces take a lot of junk!

When I turned 41 and found myself in menopause much earlier than I ever imagined, skincare took on a whole new meaning as breakouts were happening more than they did in my teen years and fine lines began to appear more obvious.  This helped me realize that we have to adjust our regimens to keep our skin at it’s healthiest and looking its best.

There are some easy measures we can all take to help our skin look better from keeping a clean diet, drinking plenty of water, and using sunscreen (even in the winter), but age and hormonal changes can really take a toll on our appearances.  I know there are days that I would love to go to a plastic surgeon and say, “fix it,” but that’s just not reality. So developing a skincare routine that worked for me was the best I could do!

Here’s a sampling of my day skincare routine (with links) to help you find something that might work for you.

1. Cleanse both morning and night.  I love a gentle cleanser that doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped or raw after using it, so a foaming wash is perfect for that.  Lancome’s Foaming Cleanser is definitely my favorite. Just dampen you face, massage on and rinse.  It doesn’t have a strong smell nor is itthey difficult to rinse off.


2. Eye makeup remover.  I only do this step at night to remover my mascara and eye shadows.  Lancome’s Eye makeup remover is gentle but works well for cleaning my eyes.  I use a soft cotton ball and gently wipe the product off.  If need be, a Q-tip saturated in the remover is perfect for cleaning lashes thoroughly.

3. After cleansing, occasionally use a toner on a soft cotton ball to wipe away dead skin cells.  I try to use toners that don’t have alcohol in them (or at least in the first five ingredients) so that they don’t strip my skin.  Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide toner is so gentle, even men like to use it after shaving instead of a harsh balm on their face! Two or three times a week is all you really need to tone your skin.  You don’t want to dry it out or strip it of it’s natural oils.

4. Once my face is clean and dry, I use a serum for corrective purposes.  These are newer to my skincare regimen as I have decided to fight aging as long as I can!  Serums are useful in that they are made to reach the cellular level of your skin to help repair and correct issues. My issues are fine lines, dark circle around my eyes, dullness, and my skin losing its elasticity.  Prevage eye serum by Elizabeth Arden is perfect for helping correct problems around my eyes.  Arden’s Ceramide capsules are great for replenishing the ceramides that our skin produces less of the older we become and is my go-to day serum.



A little of my morning routine… coffee is of most importance!

5. Moisturizers are needed for your face no matter what you skin-type.  Sample products to find what works best for you!  I use Estee Lauder’s day/night Lift and Firm moisturizer.  These are targeted moisturizers that aid in things I am concerned with as well as keeping my skin looking hydrated and healthy. There are several great oil-free moisturizers if you have oily skin and heavier moisturizers for those who need more hydration.

6. For the delicate areas around my eyes and lips, I use a targeting cream by Shiseido.  Future Solutions is a heavier moisturizer that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines as well as moisturizes those areas that are easy to damage.

7.  On my lips I use L’Occitane’s shea butter vanilla bouquet lip balm.  It’s soothing and hydrating, which makes your lips feel so good!  I also LOVE using old fashioned Vaseline on my lips when they are dry or I am going to be out in the wind. Never underestimate the power of something as simple as Vaseline.


When your skin looks good, your makeup goes on smoother and looks so much better!

The above products are the combination that I have found that works best for me, but the steps in better skincare can apply to everyone no matter their age!  My daughters already use moisturizers and balms for protection, and what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for the other.  Their body chemistry is totally different!

When you start a new skincare routine, give yourself fourteen days to start seeing results.  No matter what some products say, there are NO immediate miracle cures for the skin!  You don’t have to start off with every product I listed as that can be expensive, but begin with the basics of cleansing with proper cleansers, toning, and moisturizing.  As you can, add a serum for either your eyes or face (which ever might concern you the  most) and see how your skin changes.  Stop by the cosmetic counters at your favorite department store and ask for a consultation and some samples.  Try different products until you discover what works best for you!

Also pay attention to what you are putting on your skin.  Facial serums and many moisturizers are too strong for the eye area, so keep them to just the face, just as many lifting and firming neck creams are too strong for the face!  Don’t put products on your face that are not made for your face.  Rubbing alcohol is not a toner or a cleanser.  It will strip your skin of moisture leaving you dry, dull and eventually itchy.

In case you didn’t already know; if your face burns and stings when you are using a product (especially more than a minute), quit using the product.  It is probably too strong for your skin.  This happens a lot with redness and acne solution products, so if you need those, talk with a dermatologist first so that you are getting exactly what your skin needs!  Also, if you begin using a product and develop rosacea, dry skin, or new breakouts that don’t go away quickly, it’s another sign your product is not right for you.

We have a lot of years to spend in our skin, so keeping it as healthy as we strive to keep the rest of our body is so important!  I hope you found a little inspiration for your own skincare routines today!


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