April is half over and I’m still trying to catch my breath from January, February & March! I’ve truly missed posting on my little blog and I’ve missed YOU, my readers, as well.  

Time really does fly by when you are consumed with work and busyness.  While it’s been fun, I plan to capitalize on fewer hours at work the next several weeks, and really slow down a little bit so that I can enjoy the chaos our life.

If you’ve followed me for long, you know that I am a generally lifestyle blog; hence the name Fiddle Dee Dee.  I love to share a glimpse of our home and family which is what I am doing today!

This was one of the earliest pictures of my kiddos that I posted on the blog, over five years ago!  The ladies and my man-child are all grown-up now!


April 2011

Sports have consumed our time these first months of the year.  Madeline played church-league basketball, while Bradley made the varsity wrestling team.  We spent nearly every night and/or weekend through the end of February attending games and matches.

Basketball was entertaining for sure as the girls on our team played for the sheer fun of it. They were a lot of fun to watch and the laughter entertainment they provided for the parents was unforgettable.


The Coyotes

Bradley faired well in wrestling this year, winning two tournaments in his 160 weight class and lettering his first year as a varsity wrestler.  He qualified for state, but it did not end well as he walked away with a separated shoulder that is still healing.




Just after qualifying for state


Nana, Pop and a disappointed man-child after the state tourney

Lacrosse season over-lapped with church-league basketball, but we made it work.  Madeline’s second year as a Varsity starter earned her an invitation to play on a Club team this summer.  She is hoping for a college scholarship in Lacrosse, so we are not going to discourage her from playing at all!  For 4ft 11 inches, she’s a little beast on the field and shows no fear!


Leaping for the ball



Awesome shot on goal!!


MacKenzie is surviving her Freshman year in college.  We dearly miss her living at home, but college has been wonderful for her.  She has joined the college Republicans (Definitely making her momma proud), an Athletic Training professional organization (SCATSA), a bodybuilding club (not steroids kind of bodybuilding…), and has become heavily involved in the Christian campus ministry.  She loves going to sporting events and has made some really great friends.



At the spring Garnet & Black game

Most importantly, she has learned to drink coffee.


My little girl has grown up!

Work has been crazy and I’ll just leave it at that.  It has been a little nutty balancing work with motherhood, but we’ve all survived.


I may have had a little bit of help in the form of a serious coffee addiction, but I suppose we all have our vices.

In the middle of all the excitement so far this year, Madeline turned 17, Bradley turned 16, and Audley has already earned Diamond status with Hilton for another year (great for vacation planning, but it means he has been on the road entirely too much this year!).

Work/outage season has been rough on him as well.

I promise this is not the last post for weeks this time.  Believe it or not I have been having fun around the house as well.  I have a few recipes you might enjoy, a little container garden inspiration, a fun trip to Vegas to share, more Fit Friday encouragement, and even a little DIY project to show you!

Stay tuned!  

What have you been up this year?


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