Saffron Braised Chicken

Madeline and I just returned from a cruise celebrating her upcoming graduation from high school and while I loved the relaxation, scenery and especially the time with my daughter, I did not enjoy what a cruise does to my waistline!

As soon as we returned home, I immediately took inventory of the pantry and headed to the grocery for healthy eats!  The first thing I do when needing a food detox is to cut my carbs, especially the processed ones.  Needing a little inspiration, I took to my Mediterranean cooking for paleo and found this wonderful recipe for Saffron braised chicken.  Obviously my craving for international flavors is still strong!

A few little tweaks to the recipe, dinner was served. I even planned ahead for leftovers to enjoy as well!


I loved this dish because of its simplicity and combination of flavors. There is no point in a difficult dish if there isn’t any flavor, so simple is often better in my book.


Chicken quarters, stock, onion, garlic, spices… ingredients that you can pronounce and that do your body a world of good are the basis of this dish!  With just over an hour to prepare and cook, this makes a better weekend dinner than a busy weeknight.  It’s a one pan dish (I used a Lodge enamel-coated pan) which makes clean-up a breeze.


And don’t you just love easy clean-up?!

And of course this savory dish with a little International flair is oh-so delicious!


You can click here for the full Saffron Braised Chicken recipe (with a few of my brand preferences) that you can print off.

There are several options for sides:  if you are cutting grains, use cauliflower rice (I found it pre-made at Publix); rice is Audley’s preference for a side, and I also enjoy mashed potatoes.  This sauce goes well with all three!


If you make it, let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!


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