Bright & Cheery Summer Tablescape

We’ve had a lot of rain this summer here in the Southeast.  In fact it hasn’t really seemed like summer much at all.

I’m not complaining as summer’s heat is not something that I enjoy, though the masses of mosquitos do need to go away.


After multiple days of dreary rain and storms here in Georgia, and the excitement of Audley being home from working in Savannah, I decided we need a little cheery color to help make Sunday dinner cheery and bright for our little family.


Our table is always set with the basic plate, fork, napkin, and glass when we eat, but sometimes family dinner deserves to be elevated.  It’s a great reminder to your kids and husband that they are special and even dinner at home calls for pretty and fun from time-to-time!

All the white in the blogosphere right now is pretty, but it’s repetitive and boring.  I love color and try to incorporate lots of it (within reason of course) all through our lifestyle! Color is a sure mood booster!


For this colorful tabletop I incorporated lime, red and blue.  I also used items that are kept on-hand for use throughout several seasons or celebrations in a year.  It sure keeps the clutter down when you have items that can be used in a multiple of ways.

The plates are Royal Warwick,  Lochs of Scotland Blue.  I love this vintage patterned plate, how versitle it can be and it can be used in just about every season as well as mixed up with other blue patterns for a unique table setting!   You can see another setting I did back in the fall using the same plates here.


I added lime napkins that were found in a shop on St Simons Island secured with BH&G napkin rings.  The red silverware is something I love having as it is useful for themed celebrations from Christmas to Patriotic days and any day in-between!

The cobalt blue glasses are a bright finishing touch to the place-setting.  I found these gems at Steve Mckenzie’s awesome shop in Atlanta.


Flowers are the perfect accent to any tabletop.  You don’t have to spend a lot if money on them.  I love going to Costco and shopping their flowers as well as hitting up Trader Joe’s or Whole Food’s Market.  Normally I would stick to a short display, because it makes it easier for conversation, but I just love all the color in this arrangement!


We will just remove it when the food is served anyway!

I had never visited an IKEA until we moved to Atlanta, but we have found some fun buys there!  The lime votive candles were a 4 for a $1 purchase, so I stocked up for use throughout a couple of seasons.


The red lanterns were just the perfect finishing touch.  These were picked up at a yard sale several years ago and are another of those items I keep around for use through multiple seasons.


On the menu is tarragon lemon chicken with mini potatoes and asparagus.  Simple yet delicious and totally worthy of an elevated table setting!

I would love to hear your favorite ways to set a table!  Are you a fan of the “white” trend or do you just adore color?

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!


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