Easy Breakfast Souffle’

Sometimes when we are meal planning we choose a recipe with a bazillion pictures that requires visiting four different markets to gather the vast amount of ingredients we need to cook a gourmet dinner.

enamelware-by-Lodge | oh-fiddle-dee-dee

And sometimes, often when we are home alone, we just open up the refrigerator, cross our fingers that there are enough ingredients to make a delicious breakfast just because we have these cute miniature enamel-coated cast iron cocottes that we are eager to use!

{Hey!  It happens!}

lodge-enamelware-cocoette | oh-fiddle-dee-dee

COCOETTE:  a covered, heatproof dish or casserole in which food can be both cooked and served; a Dutch oven.  via google

These “luck of the draw” concoctions as I call them are often the most delicious meals I put on the table.

{Or eat in the living room while watching Netflix…}

For my latest concoction, I rifled through the refrigerator to find eggs from Dad & Mom’s little farm, heavy whipping cream, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, onion and parmesan cheese.  Perfect ingredients for a breakfast soufflé for one and would be perfect in my little dish.

breakfast |oh-fiddle-dee-dee

For this breakfast for one you don’t even really need a recipe!

Eggs and cream form your base; the rest of the ingredients are at your discretion.

Taking a tablespoon of grass-fed butter I melted it in the little dish, adding a little chopped Vidalia with a little fresh garlic and sautéed it briefly.  While that was sautéing, I whisked 3 eggs with a couple of tablespoons of the cream, and chopped up two little tomatoes.

breakfast-souffle-for-one | oh-fiddle-de-dee

Removing the dish from the hot eye I poured the egg into it, whisking the garlic and onion in the mixture, added the chopped tomato, a little prosciutto and shredded Parm cheese to the mix.

I added a little salt & pepper, popped it into the oven set at 350 until it was set (about 20 minutes) and voila!

breakfast-souffle | oh-fiddle-dee-dee


An Easy-peasy breakfast for one in my cute little Lodge cocotte.

{Topped with fresh basil because it was just so pretty!}

Do you ever just open the refrigerator and throw something together?  What are your “luck of the draw” specials?


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