Easy Roast Chicken

Madeline and I arrived home from our ten-day mission trip to Cuba on Tuesday afternoon.  After sleeping off our exhaustion, I was ready to get back into the kitchen for something not fried and didn’t involve rice and peas!

This one-pan dish is so easy, versatile and “clean” that I’m not even going to write up a recipe for it.  Even the most inexperienced of cooks can put this together for family or even serve it up for company dinner!

It’s just that simple.

Prepped-One-Pan-Chicken-Dinner | ohfiddledeedee.com

Whenever I roast anything in the oven I always use a Lodge skillet.

{It just makes food taste even better!}

I took my largest pan (I love this with the handles on each side), and drizzled olive oil on the bottom, then arranged chicken breasts and thighs in the pan.

Easy-One-Pan-Chicken-Dish-prepped | ohfiddledeedee.com

Next I added fingerling potatoes and lemon halves to the pan, after squeezing the lemon juice over the chicken.  Season with dried garlic (I LOVE this stuff), pink Himalayan salt and pepper, and top with your favorite herbs.  I used tarragon mixed with green onion, but you can use parsley, rosemary, basil or any other that you prefer!

Simple-One-pan-chicken-dish | ohfiddledeedee.com

Roast in the oven for about 50 minutes on 375, ocassionally spooning the juices over the chiken & potatoes.  Remove when the internal temp of the chicken is 165 degrees at it’s thickest part.

One-Pan- Easy-Chicken-Dinner | ohfiddledeedee.com

Seriously, it’s that easy.

It doesn’t matter what level cook you are, a meat thermometer is your best friend when cooking chicken, roast, pork, etc… accurately.

Easy-One-Pan-Chicken-Dinner | ohfiddledeedee-com

This roast chicken is so pretty you can serve it right from the pan!  Just be sure to protect you tabletop or counter from the heat.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Next week I hope to begin sharing our Cuba travels with you all!  Be sure to stop back by!


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