A Cuban Car Show

Wednesday-09/13/2017 — I started working on this post last week, just as hurricane Irma made it loud and clear which direction she was finally going to take.  I’ve had it sitting in my cue for days, finished, but not published for several reasons.  First, I was worried about all the people in the path of this horrific storm and was a wee bit more focused on that.  Second, we lost our internet (which honestly I could have cared less).  And finally, because after I wrote this post, I was worried to death over the beautiful people in Cuba we came to love and treasure on our trip last month.

I wasn’t sure it was appropriate to publish this right now, and I’m still not positive.

 Tonight as I write this addendum, as far as we know our friends are safe, but they are hurting and are faced with what could be years of recovery.  Cuba prided itself on hurricane preparedness, but how do you really prepare for a direct hit from a Category 5 Storm?!  Like the other Caribbean Islands hit by Irma, the category five storm did massive amounts of damage.  People there are hurting for food (this is an agricultural country, you don’t just walk into a store and purchase groceries) and fresh water.  It will take a long time for Cuba to fully recover.

So I have decided to hit publish on this post, and I will continue to share other elements of our trip.  I want you to see Cuba as it was, what we saw and what we experienced.  It’s a beautiful country, with amazing people and a wonderful culture.

The people make Cuba what it is, and that will last whether these cars made it or not.


Cienfuegos-Cuba-Street | Fiddle Dee Dee

Cienfuegos, Cuba

For years I’ve only seen Cuba in history books and an occasional travel magazine.  The architecture is unique, the colors are so fun, and the classic American cars?

They are everywhere!

Cienfuegos-Taxis | Fiddle Dee Dee

A row of taxi’s on the square in Cienfuegos, Cuba

These last American imports  (the trade embargo was implemented in 1960) are carefully cared for by their owners and mechanics to keep them in top running order.  Many are privately owned and treasured by their owners, and other have become taxi’s for taking tourists and locals alike to their next destination.

Cuban-Car-Show-7 | Fiddle Dee Dee

Cuban-Car-Show-17 | Fiddle Dee Dee

Couldn’t you just see a surfboard secured to the top?  I would love to travel around in this old jeep!  How fun would it be?

As we drove through the country, especially while we were in the resort community of Varadero, I was reminded of the old beach movies with Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello… you know the old cheesy ones where the kids were piled up in the large classic cars, headed off to the beach with their surfboards on top?

{I always wanted to be like Annette!}

Cubans and tourists alike head to the beaches year round in a classic car if they choose!  How cool is that?!

Cuban-Car-Show-16 | Fiddle Dee Dee

Cuban-Car-Show-10 | Fiddle Dee Dee

For Americans to see cars of this caliber, and so many at that, we pay $50 to attend a weekend car show in Pigeon Forge!

But in Cuba, they are real, they are common and an old-fashioned soul like myself soaked up the view the entire trip.

Take a peek for yourself and see if you catch a glimpse of some of the varying architectural styles as well!

Cuban-Car-Show-2 | Fiddle Dee Dee

Not only are the cars a lovely reminder of days past, but this B&B with it’s mid-century modern look is like you have just stepped out of a time machine!

Cuban-Car-Show-5 | Fiddle Dee Dee

I absolutely fell in love with this beauty while we were in Varadaro!

Cuban-Car-Show-6 | Fiddle Dee Dee


Cuban-Car-Show-4 | Fiddle Dee DeeCuban-Car-Show-11 | Fiddle Dee Dee

Cuban-Car-Show-12 | Fiddle Dee Dee

The owner of this car wash it no less than four times while we were staying just down the street in a B&B in Cienfuegos!

Cuban-Car-Show-8 | Fiddle Dee Dee

While it’s not black, this car totally reminded me of an old gangster’s vehicle… something you might see in the streets of Chicago way back when.

Cuban-Car-Show-9 | Fiddle Dee Dee

A quick stroll before worship on quiet Sunday morning in Matanzas … It reminded me of a scene from an old WWII movie set in France…. Or I have a vivid imagination!

Cuban-Car-Show-13 | FIddle Dee Dee

My Dad almost wrecked the rental van as he slammed on the brakes in the middle of the road and told me to “get out and take a picture of that FORD!”

Cuban-Taxis-Cienfuegos | Fiddle Dee Dee

I just loved the taxi’s lined up.

Cuban-Car-Show-3 | Fiddle Dee Dee

At a service station between Cienfuegos and Matanzas; a group cooling their car while traveling to go hiking in Cuba

Cuban-Car-Show-18 | Fiddle Dee Dee

Cuban-Car-Show | Oh Fiddle Dee Dee

This was out in the country after a little rain.  The colors seemed so much brighter to me!

Cuban-Car-Show-15 | Fiddle Dee Dee


Cuban-Car-Show-14 | Fiddle Dee Dee

Did you like the cars?  Which was your favorite?

It’s a true time capsule of American Classics!

I’m looking forward to sharing a peek of Cuban culture before I head off an another adventure this weekend!  Be sure to stop back by & enjoy your day!



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