‘Tis the Season…

… To be busy!




It’s October, but I’m already looking forward to the holidays just ahead.  I know it seems early to be thinking of Christmas, but if the Hallmark Channel can kick-off Christmas movies today, I can definitely write about Christmas cards!

Even while pumpkins are still the decor of choice.


If your holiday season is like ours, it comes rolling in like a tornaodo, and leaves you grasping for time to finish everything on your to-do list.  We do not have a single free weekend again until … oh… February?

{Oh, wait, no, college lacrosse season starts in February!}

I am a planner and list maker; for me that means getting an early start on the little things so that December 24 I am managing it all pretty well.  We are entertaining our growing family both at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so I want everything to be absolutely perfect!  One thing that seems to get lost in the shuffle of the holidays each year are my Christmas cards, so this year I was determined to have them ready to mail before the week of Christmas.  Christmas cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions, and I love documenting the end of our year with a new card.


In a day of social media interaction, there is something really special about opening your letterbox and finding a personal piece of mail!  I know every card we recieve is a treasure as it is a personal connection to our friends and family who send them. We have been so incredibly blessed to know many amazing people and Christmas cards are a wonderful, easy, inexpensive way to stay personally connected.

Addressing cards is something I take my time and enjoy as well.  As I write each address I think of how special each family member or friend is to our lives and fondly recall memories we have shared. After fourteen moves we have special friends living everywhere with many a fond memory.


Picking out a Christmas card is always sentimental as it gives me an opportunity to look back over the year and pick out the perfect picture that fully sums our family.  The last several years have been easy as we have celebrated weddings, graduations, and the ever busy lives of our children.  This year was no different and I was able to choose the perfect photo to  decribe our year.

After choosing the perfect photo I wanted a reliable company to print them, so I looked to Basic Invite for our Christmas greeting cards!


Basic Invite has been known for their wedding invitations since 2006, but they have a wonderful selection of baby shower announcements, thank you cards, graduation announcements (oh boy… thats coming up in May!), business cards and of course cute Christmas cards.

Why Basic Invite?

**With over 250 designs to choose from, Basic Invite offers you plenty of options to create your perfect card, plus the ability to fully customize with color and font.

**Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail.  If you like foil options, they offer several choices as well.

**Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual card/invitation so they can see exactly how it will print as well as feel the paper quality before they ever have to place their final order.

**Basic Invite is just as colorful with envelopes as they are with cards. Customers can choose from over 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes so that they can make their invitation stand out even before it is opened. All envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed without licking a single one…. Let me tell you, this is awesome!

**Most convientent when you’re really busy, Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders.

**Best of all, you have a window of what I like to call “I messed up” when you see your preview in your email confimation and they are kind enough to open your design back up for you to correct it!  That is the kind of customer service I really like!


Right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30 

Check Basic Invite out for your cards this holiday season!


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