Taking a Walk Along the Christmas Tree Trail

One of the highlights of my trip to Orlando and Disney for Mickey’s Christmas Party last weekend was the afternoon Tami and I spent in Disney Springs.  If you are unfamiliar with Disney Springs, the area is a fabulous outdoor shopping,  dining, and entertainment complex near the Walt Disney Resort.  Walt Disney Imagineering designed the area and it makes for a wonderful way to continue your Disney experience when you’re away from the parks.

This particular afternoon of exploring the complex led Tami and I to the fantastic Christmas Tree Trail in the Marketplace where we strolled soaking up the detail of  many amazing trees, each based on a different Disney character as it “snowed” along the way!


I was completely mesmerized and loved soaking up the creativity of Disney while getting a few ideas of my own. We took our walk during the day where the sun outshone the twinkle lights, but it didn’t matter these trees are GOALS!

Put on your Mouse ears, grab your inspiration boards and take notes as I share our stroll with you, because these trees are FABULOUS!

Minnie-Tree |ohfiddledeedee.com

Frozen-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Dumbo-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

The Dumbo Tree was my favorite!!

Dumbo-Topper | ohfiddledeedee.com

This tree topper is all I strive for at Christmas!

Sleeping-Beauty-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Tangled-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Snow-White-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Lilo-and-Stitch-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Little-Mermaid-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Princess-and-the-Frog-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Robin-Hood-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Mary-Poppins-Topper | ohfiddledeedee.com

I love how this tree topper completely describes Mary Poppins!

Alice-in-Wonderland-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Alice-in-Wonderland-Topper | ohfiddledeedee.com

101-Dalmation-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Christmas Tree Trail wasn’t the only place to find holiday decor, the entire complex was decorated. Combined with festive holiday music you are sure to get your holiday cheer on!

Disney-Springs-Wreath | ohfiddledeedee.com

Disney-Springs-Tree | ohfiddledeedee.com

Disney-Springs-Garland | ohfiddledeedee.com

Disney-Springs-Decor | ohfiddledeedee.com

And be sure to top off your festive adventure with a holiday treat from one of the sweet shops!

Minnie-Mouse-Apple | ohfiddledeedee.com


The display will be up through January 7, 2018.  If you happen to be traveling near Orlando during the holidays, definitely add Disney Springs to your list of stops.  It’s free to walk the Christmas Tree Trail and you’ll be glad you stopped!

My-Minnie-Style | ohfiddledeedee.com

Which was your favorite tree?  I would love to know!



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