Holiday Baking Joy (with Recipes)!

The Christmas season should be one of joy, but oh how life and little things can zap it right from our hearts!  It’s easy to get lost in the demands, hustle and bustle of the holidays, losing our patience, spirit, and minds right a long with it!

Christmas Baking

Sometimes you just have to back away from the commercialism and stress, force yourself to take a break and rest, relax, find your focus and joy again.


We all have different ways we deal with the little stresses that zap our joy.

During the holiday season baking really does it for me!  Not only can I lose myself in rolling, cutting, and decorating, I can knock out a few little gifts as well.  Add time with a good friend, and spirits definitely improve as we laugh, talk and leave the world behind.


Tammie making fudge

My friend Tammie (Talking with Tami) came over last week for a day of this laid back goodness, and what a fun (and productive) day it was as we whipped up a flurry of Christmas goodies.  We made a little fudge, peppermint bark and cut out sugar cookies as well!


Not only are these tasty treats family favorites and portable for any holiday party, they are the makings of fabulous treat boxes for neighbors, teachers and the mailman!



I’ve shared all of these recipes on the blog in past years, but I’ve put them in printable form so you can have easier access to them!

Links are below each picture.


Click here for Pecan Fudge



Click here for Peppermint Bark


Click here for Sugar Cookies

It’s so nice to have some down time and savor highlights of the season, especially with a friend.  Take a little time to do the things that bring you joy in the coming days.

After all, time is one of the greatest gift you can give!



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