National Oreo Day

Tomorrow, March 6 is National Oreo Day as Oreo celebrates their 106th birthday!

{Now this is a day to celebrate!}

Oreo has several great things planned for the celebration including a giveaway beginning at 6:00 am est where 1,000,000 Oreo lovers can snag a coupon for a free Oreo candy bar!

Log into to be one of the first to grab your free bar!

Not only is tomorrow National Oreo Day, it is also former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal’s Birthday!

To celebrate, Shaq is setting up a pop-up “Snack Shaq” at Atlantic Station where he will be giving away Oreo Candy Bars as well!

Originally scheduled for Tuesday morning Shaq will now be at Atlantic Station beginning at 1:00PM until around 2:30 doing one of this Random Acts of Shaqness by giving out free delicious OREO Chocolate Candy Bars to local fans.

I’ll be there to share the experience & fun on my social media and hope to see you as well!

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