Pleasure Reading

Back in the fall, Vickie from “Life in My Empty Nest” posted about a wonderful book she was reading … “Mr. ChurchHill’s Secretary” by Susan Elia MacNeal.
It’s historical fiction which is my absolutely favorite when I sit down for pleasure reading, so I immediately headed off to our Barnes and Noble to find it and was delighted to realize a sequel was already out, “Princess Elizabeth’s Spy”.  
Taking a chance, I picked up both books and headed to the house for several days of relaxing reading.  Set in WWII in London these two stories are full of mystery, a touch of romance, a few surprises and of course factual events of this horrible time in history.  The main character is Maggie Hope, a young American girl who is living in London.  Throughout the series she discovers herself as well as where she truly came from.  As a serious fan of history I thought the author really did her homework before writing these great stories to capture the emotion in WWII, London. 
Both books were great reading and even fitting for my teenage daughter’s to enjoy, which you know, finding decent reading material for teenagers can really be a chore sometimes.  
Now Mrs. Mac Neal has a third book in the series out, just released just days ago, “His Majesty’s Hope”.

Guess who has already made the trek to Barnes and Noble & stocked up on English tea to sip while reading?  
I can set my school books aside for a couple of days…..  this is the type of series that you can’t put down once you start!  
What have you been reading lately?